Continuing the Conversation: Strongsville Doe Linda Pagano

A young woman working on her family genealogy when she came across a set of bones buried without a name. They did have a bullet hole in the skull. Those bones belonged to the Strongsville Jane Doe. She was found in 1975 by some boys who were playing by a river in Ohio. Through theContinue reading “Continuing the Conversation: Strongsville Doe Linda Pagano”

Women of Michigan

Who run the world? Girls. Here are some female pioneers from Michigan. In 1975, the National Organization for Women’s Wife Abuse Task Force in Washtenaw County established Michigan’s first network of private homes to shelter survivors of domestic violence. Catherine Comet is the first woman in the country to be the official conductor of aContinue reading “Women of Michigan”

Women of Michigan

There are women from Michigan who were firsts’ and onlys’. Here a just a few: Frances Elliott Davis, from Detroit, was the first African-American nurse to be officially accepted to the American Red Cross in 1916. Charlotte Plummer Owen, from Ann Arbor, was the only woman to be a guest conductor for the U.S. MarineContinue reading “Women of Michigan”

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