Old School Makes Way For Special Olympics

In western Michigan this year, an old catholic high school began its transformation into becoming a Special Olympics facility. South Christian High School, south of Grand Rapids, is being made into the “Special Olympics Michigan Unified Sports & Inclusion Center”. The former high school already has two gyms, three sports fields, and a large auditorium.Continue reading “Old School Makes Way For Special Olympics”

Last People Executed

In 1977, Marseille, France executed Hamida Djandoubi by guillotine.  Hamida had been convicted of torturing and murdering his girlfriend. It was the last execution by guillotine in the Western world. https://allthatsinteresting.com/hamida-djandoubi-eugen-weidmann   The last person executed in Michigan, for a non-federal crime, was in 1830. Stephen Simmons was hung for beating his wife to death whileContinue reading “Last People Executed”

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