Continuing the Conversation: Strongsville Doe Linda Pagano

A young woman working on her family genealogy when she came across a set of bones buried without a name. They did have a bullet hole in the skull. Those bones belonged to the Strongsville Jane Doe. She was found in 1975 by some boys who were playing by a river in Ohio. Through theContinue reading “Continuing the Conversation: Strongsville Doe Linda Pagano”

When Dead Bodies Become Dangerous

Concerned about grave robbers, the coffin torpedo was invented. It worked according to the Stark County Democrat, a newspaper in Ohio. On January 17, 1881, would be body snatchers found out about the effectiveness of a coffin torpedo. The man nearest to the coffin died during the explosion, while the second man suffered a brokenContinue reading “When Dead Bodies Become Dangerous”

DNA Databases to Solve Crime

Detectives are now turning to public DNA databases to solve crime.  This has led to some controversy. There are only 12 states that currently participate in searching public DNA databases, but Michigan is not one of them.  (Ohio is one.) This article highlights some of the solved cases:

Update: Rhoden Family Massacre in Pike County – Fredericka Wagner Release from charges

Continuing the Conversation: UPDATE: Fredericka Wagner no longer facing charges in Rhoden family murders Prosecutors have asked a judge to dismiss all charges against a woman who was arrested in connection with an Ohio family massacre. Fredericka Wagner is no longer facing… Click Here to continue reading news article.

Continuing the conversation UPDATE on the Rhoden Family Slaughter Pike County Ohio

UPDATE on the Rhoden Family Slaughter Pike County Ohio #Oxygen #TrueCrime #Murder #Podcast #WagnerFamily #PikeCounty #Ohio

Continuing the Conversation Pike County Massacre, Pike County Ohio

Continuing the Conversation Pike County Massacre, Pike County Ohio #Murder #Ohio #WagnerFamily #RhodenFamily #Podcast

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