Continuing the Conversation: Bob Crane Was Murdered

Bob Crane rose to fame in the 1950’s on the radio.  His Hollywood star really began to shine on television in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  But Bob had secrets, one may have lead to his death. Click here to read azcentral’s news story: Hogans heroes star Bob Crane Scottsdale Murder 40 years later.  

Frankenstein Body Found, Rhoden Family Update, Random Michigan Mayhem

Today Jenn is going to talk about a cadaver scam that was going on, involving bodies donated to science. She also has an update on the Rhoden Family Slaughter. Ali covers the random mayhem that is part of Michigan, including when nature pushes people around, arrests, mysterious water creatures and hot cereal. Click Here ToContinue reading “Frankenstein Body Found, Rhoden Family Update, Random Michigan Mayhem”

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