Patron Saint of Cooks, Chefs, and Comedians.

St. Lawrence was originally a Deacon in 258 A.D. in Italy. When Roman emperor Valerian ordered his execution, Lawrence distributed the church’s wealth to the poor and sick. A Latin poet, among others, wrote that Lawrence was being roasted to death on a gridiron. He remarked at one point, “I am cooked on this side;Continue reading “Patron Saint of Cooks, Chefs, and Comedians.”

Death Costs More Than Life

According to a 2015 article written by Jack Lessenberry of NPR, states that have a death penalty, have significantly higher murder rates than states that don’t. (Michigan doesn’t have the death penalty.) An Urban Institute study found that in Maryland, which reinstated the death penalty in 1978, had extra cost associated with executions. The costContinue reading “Death Costs More Than Life”

Prisoners in Michigan Die… eventually

Michigan became the first English-speaking territory in the world to abolish capital punishment in 1847, except in cases of treason. Only 13 executions were carried out in Michigan’s history, just 6 of which occurred after Michigan officially became a territory in 1805. The only execution carried out in Michigan after it gained statehood was theContinue reading “Prisoners in Michigan Die… eventually”

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