Continuing the Conversation: Tina Cabanaw, Former Jane Doe

Tina Cabanaw had a 16-year-old daughter when she disappeared from the Detroit area in 1999. That same year a Jane Doe was found in a field in Indiana. Due to DNA analysis police in 2018 police were able to find distant relatives to the Jane Doe. Cold calling those relatives, police were able to linkContinue reading “Continuing the Conversation: Tina Cabanaw, Former Jane Doe”

Continuing the Conversation: Strongsville Doe Linda Pagano

A young woman working on her family genealogy when she came across a set of bones buried without a name. They did have a bullet hole in the skull. Those bones belonged to the Strongsville Jane Doe. She was found in 1975 by some boys who were playing by a river in Ohio. Through theContinue reading “Continuing the Conversation: Strongsville Doe Linda Pagano”

Continuing the Conversation: Darla McKenzie

Darla McKenzie was a teenager and the mother of a small baby when she went missing in 1975, from Detroit Michigan. For over forty years, Darla’s daughter and mother looked for her. Recently, using DNA, investigators were able to match DNA from Darla’s family to a Jane Doe found in Farmington Hills during the summerContinue reading “Continuing the Conversation: Darla McKenzie”

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