New Zealand Earthquake Lights

A New Zealand Quake Creates a Light Show and Tsunami

Quirky Side Job

A couple hundred years ago around the English/Welsh border, you could hire a sin-eater for a recently deceased relative.  Someone, usually a poor person, would be hired to eat bread and drink beer over the corpse. It is to symbolize the sin-eater removing sin from the dead and taking it into themselves.  This allowed theContinue reading “Quirky Side Job”

It Was An Unfortunate Death

An annual protest regarding helmet laws is held by ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) each year by motorcycle riders. They ride in protest of mandatory helmet laws which they are against.  In 2011, Philip Contos, was riding during the gathering, with about 550 other riders, when he lost control of his motorcycle. Philip flippedContinue reading “It Was An Unfortunate Death”