Python Vs. Leopard = Real Life and Death

Python Vs. Leopard = Real Life and Death

Show Notes: Howard Unruh- Father of Mass Murder, and Jamie Barsegian was Murdered

Show Notes: Howard Unruh- Father of Mass Murder, and Jamie Barsegian was Murdered

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Patron Saint of Cooks, Chefs, and Comedians.

St. Lawrence was originally a Deacon in 258 A.D. in Italy. When Roman emperor Valerian ordered his execution, Lawrence distributed the church’s wealth to the poor and sick. A Latin poet, among others, wrote that Lawrence was being roasted to death on a gridiron. He remarked at one point, “I am cooked on this side;Continue reading “Patron Saint of Cooks, Chefs, and Comedians.”

Murder Much?

Detroit, Michigan was the murder capital of the world and the U.S. at one point in history. Since then, St. Louis, Missouri, has taken the unfortunate top spot. Other cities that have suffered with this distinction are: New Orleans, LA; Birmingham, AL; Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA. The information was calculated by looking at theContinue reading “Murder Much?”

Dead Man’s Hand

Wild Bill Hickock was killed while playing a game of five-card stud  poker. In his hand, Bill had a pair of black aces and black eights and a queen of hearts. After his death, that card combination became referred to in poker as Dead Man’s Hand. According to Bill’s son, the queen card had aContinue reading “Dead Man’s Hand”

Animal Assassins

In 2016, an orangutan named Kondor convinced another orangutan named Ekko to maul an enemy to death.  Kondor, a female, spent the day talking to Ekko, which is unusual for orangutan of opposite genders to mix. After contacting each other repeatedly Ekko attacked Kondor’s rival, Sidony, killing her. It is believed to be the firstContinue reading “Animal Assassins”

Board Game Leads to Death

According to, at least two people have lost their life after playing a hot game of Monopoly. Michael Klucznik was shot with a compound arrow, hitting him in the chest and killing him after he argued with a friend over the rules. The murderer, Marc Cienkowski, was given 9-25 years for third degree murder.Continue reading “Board Game Leads to Death”

A Mosquito Help Apprehend A Criminal

In Helsinki, Finland, in 2008 a mosquito helped crack a case.  A car had been stolen and when it was found, the police scoured it for clues.  One officer found a dead mosquito that had drawn someone’s blood before death. Extracting DNA from the mosquito, they were able to find the thief in one ofContinue reading “A Mosquito Help Apprehend A Criminal”

Haunted Seul Choix Lighthouse

The Seul Choix Lighthouse in Michigan is considered to be the most haunted lighthouse in Michigan. It is located at a northern point in  Lake Michigan.  The lighthouse has been estimated that over 20 ships have wrecked in the waters just below the lighthouse, causing the death of close to 500 sailors. There was alsoContinue reading “Haunted Seul Choix Lighthouse”

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