Show Notes: Saja Al Janabi Murdered, Michigan Mayhem, Part Deux

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Dead Man’s Hand

Wild Bill Hickock was killed while playing a game of five-card stud  poker. In his hand, Bill had a pair of black aces and black eights and a queen of hearts. After his death, that card combination became referred to in poker as Dead Man’s Hand. According to Bill’s son, the queen card had aContinue reading “Dead Man’s Hand”

A Mosquito Help Apprehend A Criminal

In Helsinki, Finland, in 2008 a mosquito helped crack a case.  A car had been stolen and when it was found, the police scoured it for clues.  One officer found a dead mosquito that had drawn someone’s blood before death. Extracting DNA from the mosquito, they were able to find the thief in one ofContinue reading “A Mosquito Help Apprehend A Criminal”

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