Blood-Stained Ceilings

Five temples in the Kyoto Prefecture had blood-stained ceilings.  The ceilings had been made of floorboards from the Fushimi Castle. In 1592, 10 warriors had held off attackers of the castle for several days while a man of a higher status, Tokugawa, escaped. Realizing they were about to be overtaken, the men surrendered with honor,Continue reading “Blood-Stained Ceilings”

A Mosquito Help Apprehend A Criminal

In Helsinki, Finland, in 2008 a mosquito helped crack a case.  A car had been stolen and when it was found, the police scoured it for clues.  One officer found a dead mosquito that had drawn someone’s blood before death. Extracting DNA from the mosquito, they were able to find the thief in one ofContinue reading “A Mosquito Help Apprehend A Criminal”

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