Continuing the Conversation: Michigan’s Cult, Benton Harbor House of David

Satchel Paige, a famous black pitcher, was connected to a cult that once thrived in Michigan, the Benton Harbor House of David. The cult had their own amusement park, baseball teams, and sex scandal. We talked about it in a podcast from October of 2018. Click on the article below to find out how thatContinue reading “Continuing the Conversation: Michigan’s Cult, Benton Harbor House of David”

1973 Michigan Connection

Michigan in 1973- Michigan State University, in Lansing, created the Michigan’s Women’s Studies Association, the first women’s study association in the nation. Michigan in 1973- Carolyn King, from Ypsilanti, who was 12-year-old at the time, became the first girl in the U.S. to play Little League Baseball. Michigan in 1973- Colonel William Nolde, from Menominee,Continue reading “1973 Michigan Connection”