Oakland County Child Killer, Three True Crime Locations to Visit

Today’s two topics are the Oakland County Child Killer from the 1970’s and three different true crime locations to visit.  Listen in to find out who they both could be by listening to our podcast or reading the full show notes at MichiganandotherMayhem.com

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.

Continuing the Conversation Lyudmila Pavlichenko WWII Sniper

Continuing the conversation: This week we talked about Lyudmila Pavlichenko a famous WWII Sniper.

Check out this video about Lyudmila Pavlichenko on how she was the deadliest female sniper on Let Me Know Youtube channel


Check out this video that lists the top 10 Snippers in the world on the Top 10 Archive Youtube channel. 

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.


Continuing the Conversation Detroit pastor charged in the murder of a transgender woman

Continuing the conversation: This week we talked about the Detroit pastor who was charged in the murder of a transgender woman.

This news article was passed to us from @8DropsOfBlood, Tony Baize and Bob Graham, authors of the forthcoming true crime book, Eight Drops of Blood.

Here is a video from Money Time on YouTube of multiple news stations reporting the murder.


Click here to continue reading the news article announcing his charges in the murder.  Detroit pastor charged in murder of transgender woman

Continuing the Conversation Pinball Machines

Continuing the Conversation: This week our guest Melina talked about the history and mechanics of a Pinball Machine. 

On Parts4Pinballs Youtube channel I found this video from the History Channel where they visited Stern Pinball where they walk you through manufacturing a Pinball Machine!


Melina talked to us about how a pinball machine can be adjusted. Here is a YouTube video from Home Leisure Direct.


Have you played a pinball machine? Do you have a favorite? Check out WatchMojo.com’s Youtube video: Top 10 Greatest Pinball Machines of All Time, and see if you agree!


Are you interested in learning more about pinball machines? Check out these sites:

How Stuff Works: How do Pinball Machines Work?

Show notes: Pastor Kills Transgendered Woman, Pinball Explained, Lady Death-WW II Sniper

This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast-talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

Episode 15: Pastor Kills Transgendered Woman, Mysteries of Pinball, Lady Death-WW II Sniper

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.


  • Pretend podcast music (because we couldn’t find any we liked enough for a theme song).
  • Ali has a weird laugh. It is often loud.
  • Guest podcaster, Melina!


We have a guest!  Melina came to visit, and she wants to talk about the history of pinball.  Did you know you could change the settings?

Today’s podcast will be about a Pasture who murdered a transgendered woman, pinball machine workings, and a bad-ass female sniper.

Pastor Kills Transgendered woman

Jenn almost said the pastor was killed, but so far, in all of our stories, it is pastors killing others. (Who knew pastors could be so dangerous?)

This story came to someone who contacted us on Twitter, with the username 8dropsofblood.  They are working on a crime novel.  More information will be shared during the “Continuing the Conversation” article that we will publish soon.

Kelly Stough, who was 36 years old, was found dead on McNichols Road on a Saturday night, December 7, 2018. Pastor Albert Weathers fled the scene and went to work to punch in before calling police.  Once he did call, he said he was being robbed and he shot the perpetrator.

Why go to work and punch in before calling for help?  Not in too much of a rush, huh?  Maybe he was told that if he was late one more time, they’d fire him.

He worked for Great Lakes Water Authority, but once he was arrested, they fired him.  So… in the end, punching in didn’t matter.

Albert Weathers was charged with open murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. This murder is being investigated as a hate crime. Albert has a $1 million bail.

This murder just happened, so we will continue to follow up on it.

People are wondering if there was a relationship between the pastor and Kelly.  Ali speculated that they were breaking up and Kelly was going to be open about their relationship and Albert killed her to keep her quiet. Albert was a married pastor.

Melina thought it might be a crime of passion.

Crime Watch Daily

Jenn was horrified that neither Ali nor Melina watch Crime Watch Daily.  Jenn watches it on Youtube, which is good because neigther Ali nor Melina have cable.

Chris Hanson is the host.  Chris used to do the “To Catch A Predator” segments.  CWD does current murders, cold cases, and interview and investigates themselves.  Jenn appreciates that they pack a lot in 15-20 minutes.  They’ve helped solve cases or move them forward.

A commenter on Youtube told Jenn that the show was recently cancelled.  Melina has felt the pain of a cancelled show.  Early in the day, Ali and her husband found out a show they like was only given one season.

Michigan and Other Mayhem are now on Youtube!

Both Ali and Jenn are concerned that the police will look for them due to their internet searches for things like “how long does it take to burn a body”.  Jenn has been searching for humane ways to die or kill people.  That makes her highly suspicious.

Pinball Explained

Melina met a friend and they began to talk about pinball.  Melina found out that her friend used to have a pinball machine.  They talked about the different computer settings in the machine, getting Melina interested in the subject.

You can change different aspects of the playing field.  Flippers, bumpers, kick starters, holes, saucers, targets, spinners, rollovers, switchers, gates, stoppers, ramps, toys, electromagnets are controlled by a computer.  The computers algorithm determines how often those items come into play during game time.  The only thing not controlled are the manual flippers the player uses.

You don’t suck at pinball; the computer could have a low probability to get all the point triggers.

The playfield has to be at 6-7 degrees toward the player, off the backboard.

Tilt is a mechanism in the pinball machine.  It is on the front panel.

Pinball came up in the 19th Century, from a French game that was a hybrid between billiards and pool. Melina and Ali explain to Jenn what billiards is.  The little billiard columns are called pins.

“The Ball Shooter” was invented and then was grouped with the plunger.

At first, the games came to bars and shops.  Players would be handed the balls after paying.  People who were able to get high scores could win free meals, cigarettes, drinks.  It became popular around the depression.  That is also when people started cheating.

Perry Williams created the title mechanism.  It causes the machine to know when it has been shaken side to side or up or down.  It uses a plum bob.

For 30 years pinball was illegal in 30 states from 1940-1970.  This mostly stems from former New York Mayor LaGuardia, yes, the airport LaGuardia.  He believed that the machines robbed school children of their lunch money.  Police went on rampages, smashing up machines.  Snowflake much?

Pinball machines were also associated with the mafia.  Maybe they were used for money laundering.

A Pinball Committee was assigned to look into the legality issue.  Pinball machines had gone underground.  Roger Sharp, known for winning tournaments was brought in to show Congress that it was a game of skill and not a game of chance.  He was able to show his skill set and win the judge.

It is still illegal in Ocean City on Sundays, picky little poops.

The important ball in pinball is steel and  1 1/16 inches weighing 8 grams and can go up to 90 mph when being launched or hitting other objects on the playfield.  There are magnets in the playfield that are both pulling and pushing the ball to make to stay in place or go faster.

There are also ceramic balls that are lighter and faster than the steel ones and they are called Powerballs.

Replay is when you get the extra ball.  You have a 10% chance for the first one and then the odds of getting a second ball get exponentially harder.

Pinball software settings: How man balls will you get. How many warnings before tilt. How long the ball stays. How many extra balls will you get.

Common extra features in pinball are ball lock, multi lock, jackpot, end of the ball bonus, extra ball, kickball, timed rounds, stackability, wizard move, and ball saver.

You can decide how long a ball stays magnetized in one area.  You can initiate a gobble drop, where your ball just falls down a hole never to return again.

Every single component could be manipulated to be exceedingly hard or very simple.

Melina saw a Youtube video that suggested you could shake the machine but that didn’t work for Ali.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko, aka Lady Death

Lyudmila was born in the Russian Empire, in an area that is currently located in Ukraine, in 1916.  Her family moved to Kiev when she was 14, in 1930.

Lyudmila was considered a tomboy, and while in Kiev she joined a shooting club.  It was a paramilitary organization which taught weapon skills and etiquette, and she developed the skill of an amateur sharpshooter.  She said she was motivated to continually practice her shooting skills when a neighbor boy boasted about how good he was at accuracy.  Lyudmila wanted to show him girls can be just as good as boys.

She earned almost every high-level civilian sharpshooter award in the USSR.

She married Alexei Pavlichenko at age 16 in 1932.  Lyudmila gave birth to son Rostislav, also in 1932.  They soon divorced.  Lyudmila became a teenage divorced single parent and decided to go to school to better herself.

Lyudmila completed her master’s degree in history at age 21, in 1937.  She was described as rebellious, tough, loud, and she loved to dance.

Just before she turned 25, in 1941, while she was still in school, Germany invaded the Soviet Union during World War II.  They bombed the university that she attended, killing some of her friends and acquaintances.  Lyudmila was among the first round of volunteers at the recruiting office.

Initially the army denied her entry due to her gender.  They continuously encouraged her to be a nurse.  Lyudmila tells the recruiter that she wants to carry a rifle and fight and was literally laughed at for her efforts.  She showed the officer her marksman certificate, her trophies, and sharpshooter badge, and again she is told to be a nurse.

To see if she could perform during war, her audition for the army was when she was given a rifle and told to shoot to Romanians who were downrange and working with Germans.  She killed them both.  Lyudmila said knew it would be hard to kill another human, but that is what happens in war.

She joined the infantry and was assigned to the Red Army’s 25th Rifle division.  There were 2,000 female snipers in the Red Army, but she is regarded as one of the top military snipers of all time and the most successful female sniper in history.

Lyudmila was originally shipped to the battle lines in Greece and Moldova, where she killed 187 Germans in her first 75 days of being a soldier at war.  Lyudmila is credited with 309 confirmed kills, but mostly likely had more kills as confirmed kills require an independent party.  She was also credited with killing 36 other snipers, who were often highly decorated themselves.

Lyudmila used different tactics to complete her kills, including shooting someone while it was raining, to muffle the location of a gunshot, or making sure she was in dense foliage to cover the echo.  Lyudmila would tie strips of cloth to trees and other objects, so they would flutter in the wind and distract other shooters.  She would rig up mannequins as decoys.

During one battle, all of her commanding officers were killed, and Lyudmila took charge of the battle and began giving orders.  Lyudmila herself was bleeding but holding strong.  When others around her tried to retreat another solider called out, “Cowards!  Look at this woman.  Pavilchenko has the balls of a man.”

Why are balls considered tough? I’ve seen a man go down because of a tap to the balls.  I’ve seen grown men vomit from a ball hit.  I’ve seen men become paralyzed because their balls were clipped.  Women should go for the balls when fighting a man, because they’re such a soft spot.  Balls aren’t tough.

Enemy troops nicknamed Lyudmila “The Russian Bitch from Hell”.

Germany troops addressed her over loud speakers, offering her comfort and candy if she would defect from the Russian army.

Once she climbed a tree to scout an area and was shot at by another sniper.  She pretended to be hit and fell 12 feet to the ground, lying motionless for hours. There she stayed all day, until nightfall, where she crawled away under the cover of night.

During the war, she had remarried to another solider.  He was a spotter for her.  Unfortunately, the high toll of war included her second husband, one she loved so much.

After Lyudmila’s second husband died, she became a cruel sniper.  She’d purposefully wound soldiers and then wait for the rescuers.  She’d then kill them all.

Lyudmila became a target for Axis troops and was wounded four times by 1942.  Lyudmila stayed active in warfare until being wounded by a bomb strike.  During the strike, she was terribly wounded, including taking shrapnel to the face.

After she healed from being gravely wounded, her government took her out of active warfare and gave her the mission of being an ambassador and building international support.  From what we know now, with some of the behaviors she exhibited, she probably had some form of PTSD.  You can’t live her life and not be affected.

When she toured the United States, reporters were blatantly sexist.  They made comments that she wasn’t femininely dressed… because she was wearing her uniform.  Reporters asked stupid questions like, “Do you wear make-up into battle?”  She was really sassy, telling male reporters in America about how she killed a lot of enemies and she was tired of them hiding behind her skirt and asking dumb questions.

Eleanor Roosevelt was impressed by her, and they became friends.  They even had a reunion with each other in Moscow during the height of the cold war.  Eleanor found that Lyudmila had remarried and started a family. A happy ending was to be had after all.

Woodie Guthrie, an American folk singer, wrote a song about Lyudmila, although he is most popularly known by the song “This Land is Your Land”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHKjOl9ocR0

Her story is featured on the website Rejected Princesses: https://www.rejectedprincesses.com/princesses/lyudmila-pavlichenko

Go to Rejected Princesses the website.  It is awesome.

Pastor Kills Transgendered Woman, Pinball Explained, Lady Death-WW II Sniper

Today’s has three topics and a guest podcaster!  Listen in to hear about the recent murder of a transgendered woman by a Detroit Pastor, the history and mechanics of pinball are explained, and we learn about an awesome woman of history.  Tune in to find out!

Episode 15: Click Here to Listen to Episode 15

Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.

Are you obsessed with True Crime? We found a must have!

While combing the internet for interesting stories for our podcast we ran across True Crime Magazine. Yes, there is a magazine you can subscribe to and delivered straight to your email!

This magazine talks about true crime, serial killers, and everything criminal. Check it out on their website by click HERE.

Continuing the Conversation: Isaac Knight Memorial – Evansville, Indiana

Continuing the conversation: This week we talked about Isaac Knight and his amazing capture and escape!

We found this article in the Atlas Obscura talking about the Isaac Knight memorial which was put up in Evansville Indiana.

Isaac Knight Memorial – Evansville, Indiana – Atlas Obscura

Continuing the Conversation The haunting insides of the abandoned Northville Psychiatric Hospital

Continuing the conversation: This week we talked with our podcast guest about the Northville Psychiatric Hospital. Have you visited the Northville Psychiatric Hospital? Share your stories and pictures at Michiganandothermayhem.com or on our Facebook page! 

J. Provided us pictures he took during his visits to the Northville Psychiatric Hospital.




On YouTube, we found a video from Zach he took when he explored the Northville Psychiatric Hospital. 


We also found a news article on MLive with more pictures of the Northville Psychiatric Hospital. The pictures in the article are older pictures of the Hospital and more current pictures. 

The haunting insides of the abandoned Northville Psychiatric Hospital | MLive.com

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