Panelist Dies on TV Show

Jerome Irving Rodale was a health food enthusiast who was born in the late 1890’s. He was an early proponent of organic farming and sustainable agriculture. He founded Prevention magazine in 1950.  Jerome claimed that through healthy living he would live to 100. He died while sitting on the panel of The Dick Cavett Show,Continue reading “Panelist Dies on TV Show”

Haunted Seul Choix Lighthouse

The Seul Choix Lighthouse in Michigan is considered to be the most haunted lighthouse in Michigan. It is located at a northern point in  Lake Michigan.  The lighthouse has been estimated that over 20 ships have wrecked in the waters just below the lighthouse, causing the death of close to 500 sailors. There was alsoContinue reading “Haunted Seul Choix Lighthouse”

Killer Weight

In August of 2009, a drunken Mia Landingham got into a fight with her boyfriend.  She claims that she punched him in the face, and he grabbed her.  She pushed him to the ground and got on top of him.  Mia, who is 5 feet 9 inches, and weighs 387 pounds, smothered her boyfriend toContinue reading “Killer Weight”

Teen’s Life Saved By Unusual Prop

June 2009, a teenage couple was holding hands underneath a tree, taking shelter from the storm. A bolt of lightning struck the couple, scorching their clothes and knocking them unconscious. Mason Billington woke up first, carrying this unconscious girlfriend, Sophie Frost, to the road for help.  Sophie’s life had been spared by her headphone wire,Continue reading “Teen’s Life Saved By Unusual Prop”

Michigan’s Expressway That Has No Cars, M-185

Michigan has a unique highway, M-185. It is only accessible by ferry, as it is on Mackinac Island. It is also inaccessible to cars, as the island does not allow them, being the only state highway in the country in which cars are banned. M-185 is only 8 miles long and circles the island. ItContinue reading “Michigan’s Expressway That Has No Cars, M-185”