Show Notes: Additional Information on Previous Stories, Part 2; Murder of Kathleen O’Brien Doyle

This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

Episode 64: Additional Information on Previous Stories, Part 2; Murder of Kathleen O’Brien Doyle


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Ali and Jenn talk about playing instruments in school and their purposeful lack of podcast music.

Additional Information Part 2

Life Sentences

I did an article about Weird Weapons in June of 2019. One of the murders I mentioned was Ana Trujillo, who has been nicknamed the “stiletto heel killer”. Ana had stabbed her boyfriend, Stefan Andersson, to death with her stiletto shoe after a day of drinking and arguing.

Ana was given life in prison, being eligible for parole in 2043, when she would be 75 years old.

In the same episode, I talked about Paul Curry, who was from California. Paul had killed his wife with an injection of nicotine that caused her to overdose. Paul was given a life sentence without parole.

I also did an article in November of 2019 in which I talked about bodies that were found buried. Michael Haim had murdered his wife. His son, Aaron, later found his mother’s body buried underneath the outdoor shower at his family home in Florida. Aaron’s father, Michael received a life sentence, giving him about 7 to 22 years in prison.

At the time, Jenn and I were wondering what a life sentence means, if someone isn’t sent away for the rest of their natural life.

Here is the answer:

There are two types of life sentences, determinate and indeterminate. A determinate sentence would be life without the possibility of parole, meaning you would never be released. It has a set end date, which is never. An indeterminate sentence would be more like 15 years to life, meaning you could be paroled after 15 years.  In the United States, when you’ve been imprisoned with a life sentence, you can be paroled after 10 years, if an amount wasn’t determined at the time of sentencing. However, each state has their own laws.

Ana Trujillo, the stiletto killer, was give 30 years to life, which is how her first parole hearing was set for 2043, as she was convicted in 2013. Paul Curry, who has a sentence of life without parole, will never be out of jail. Michael Haim was given a life sentence without any additional qualifiers, so he could be released as early as 7 years for good behavior, 10 with regular parole, or 22 years if he fulfills the full sentence.

Ammar Al-Yasari’s Hatchet Death

We did a podcast in April 2019 about a Michigan hatchet death, brought on by the fact that Jenn and I learned how to throw axes.

On November 5, 2019, the trial began for the hatchet murder of Ammar Al-Yasari. Jacob Ficher and Ammar’s wife, Bdour, have been accused of engineering Ammar’s death due to their extramarital affair. Jacob is the one currently on trial for murder, with Bdour being charged with murder and conspiracy.

Ammar had been hit with an ax or hatchet around 24 times in the face, head, and neck. He also had bleach soaked in his clothes. Prosecutors were able to produce a receipt for both bleach and an ax, purchased two days earlier at a Kroger, that had been found in the Al-Yasari home.

The trial, which is taking place currently in Ingham County Circuit Court, is in front of a jury. I’ll continue to follow-up until the two are sentenced, if they are found guilty.

Catholic Priests Accused of Abuse

In an August podcast I talked about multiple priests being charged with criminal sexual abuse. When I tried to follow up on the cases I came across a website from the Archdiocese of Detroit. They have a list called Clergy Credibly Accused of Abuse. It lists the priest’s name and his status in the church. It will also list if they are  deceased. I found the list interesting because they are acknowledging that there is an issue. The webpage also has a phone number and email address for a place called Safe Environments.

The priests I listed as being accused of sexual abuse from our podcast have not completed their criminal process yet.

Dirty Village Cop

Robert Reznick was the focus of an article I did for a podcast in August 2019. He was rejected from the Flint Police Academy in the 1970’s for lying about his age and not being a legal adult. In order for his family to save face, Robert was allowed to walk during the academy graduation with a copy of his certificate, although it was void. Robert used the nullified certificate to work at police stations in Michigan for 10 years.

As an officer, Robert had a reputation for being a bully and overstepping his bounds as a police officer. After ten years of lying about his police certification, a tip to the Genesee County prosecutor exposed Robert and he did finally go to school to become certified. He continued to work as an officer in villages and then he arrived at Oakley village, with a population of 300. Robert certified around 150 reserve officers for a fee. Some had never been to Oakley.

Robert also sold official police ammunition and guns to others at a profit. The FBI began investigating him in 2015 and formally charged him in 2019. In July of 2019, Robert was sentenced to more than a year of jail, a year of being supervised after release, and fines of more than $124,000. The IRS had tagged him for not paying taxes on the weapons and bringing them across state lines.

Side Note: Ali’s mom was worried because Robert lives in her area and she thought he would be offended by Ali’s remarks about his manhood and do something against me for revenge. I told her not to worry because he was in jail… and then I look at the Michigan’s Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS), and I don’t see him. Everyone in jail should be available on the site and Robert Reznick was supposed to turn himself in for sentencing by August 2019. He’s not listed. What does that mean? Is he not serving his time? He is a convicted felon.—512903301.html

Olivia Rossi

I did an article about missing women being found, with the first story being about Olivia Rossi, in September of 2019. Olivia had gone missing from Westland, MI on August 23, 2019. According to Olivia’s twin, Raquel, Olivia went to meet with a former high school friend, when Olivia texted a message that their friend was acting weird. After that, messages weren’t received from Olivia again.

The text messages lead to Anthony Kesteloot, a 25-year-old man who also lives in Westland, MI. Anthony admitted to meeting with Olivia, taking her to his home and smoking crack with her, having sex with her, and then strangling her. Anthony then drove to Hines Park and placed her corpse in a still body of water, disposing of her clothes and other evidence in the Rouge River.

For reasons I cannot find, Anthony is not being charged with murder. Police are charging him with four felonies: disinterment of a dead body, obstruction of justice, failing to report the discovery of a dead body, and tampering with evidence in a criminal case. Olivia’s family are outraged there is currently no murder charge. I’ll continue to follow up on this case.

Michigan Mayhem- Unusual Murder Weapon

In 2017 there were five teenagers in Clio, Michigan who were throwing objects off a highway bridge onto the cars below. They admitted that on six to ten different occasions in which they tried to drop objects on the cars. The objects ranged from about 20 different rocks, differing in size from softballs to basketballs, a couch, car muffler, and a shopping cart.

October 18, 2017, they damaged six cars, killing 32-year-old Kenneth White when a cement rock broke through the windshield, crushing his chest. One of the teens, Kyle Anger, was considered an adult at 19 years old. On October 29, 2019, he was sentenced to 39 months to 20 years in prison, receiving credit for the 740 days that he resided in Genesee County Jail for second degree homicide. The article says the charge was reduced to manslaughter, but the OTIS website has homicide still listed.

The other four other teens are currently between the ages of 16 and 18 years old have withdrawn their plea deals now that the judge has decided not to try them in juvenile court. We are still waiting for their court hearings.

Scott Kologi, New Year’s Eve 2017-8

We did a podcast for New Year’s Eve 2017 to 2018. Scott Kologi, who was 16 years old at the time he murdered his family, was known to have autism.  Scott picked up an automatic weapon and shot three members of his family, and a family friend. His parents, his sister, and the family friend died, but Scott’s brother, grandfather, and another friend survived by fleeing the house.

There was a gag order placed on the case, that is still in play, but might soon be over. As a minor, murderer Scott Kologi had privacy protections not given to an adult, however, in early November 2019, the court system decided to charge Scott as an adult. He has spent the last year in juvenile detention. I will continue to follow-up.

Murder of Kathleen O’Brien Doyle

The Murder of Kathleen O’Brien Doyle of Norfolk, Virginia in 1980.

Kathleen was a Navy wife and 25 years old in 1980. She was an aspiring author. Kathleen lived in an upper-class neighborhood were very little crime occurred.

On September 11, 1980 Kathleen was found on her bedroom floor. She had been kicked and punched, gaged, raped, and stabbed. The murder was extremely brutal. At the time there were no leads and the case went cold for 39 years.

On November 22, 2019, the Allegan County Michigan police arrested Dennis Lee Bowman. Dennis was aged 70, was charged for Kathleen’s murder. It was stated that the police have been able to link forensic evidence to Dennis. Dennis is currently awaiting to be extradited to Virginia. Dennis Bowman has been in prison twice before for assault to commit criminal sexual conduct and breaking and entering.

Another case that is also being looked into is the missing child case of 14-year-old Aundria Bowman from 1989. Aundria was the adopted daughter of Dennis and his wife. At the time, her case was marked as a runaway, however, when looking at Dennis’s behavior, they think there might be foul play.

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