New Zealand Earthquake Lights

November 2016 in Kaikoura, New Zealand there was an earthquake.  It lasted about 2 minutes and created a tsunami.

Huge quake! Shake you out of your panties, big.  For perspective, the earthquake was 7.8 magnitude in Kaikoura.  Ten is the highest the Richter scale goes.  In 1960, Chile the had a 9.5 earthquake, biggest on record.

In Kaikoura, two people died, and many were stranded by the broken pieces of land. 

The lights appeared at the peak of the shaking. At a distance: the sky lit up in blue and green colors, a little yellow Videos are at night and looks like lightning on a cloudy night:

Security camera footage:

Close to the quake, it looked like sizzling flames coming out of the ground. There were reports of ghost globes, or possible ball lightning.  There were blue and green shimmers.

Lights reported during earthquakes go back thousands of years.  It’s been sited at least 60 times. Earthquake lights weren’t thought to be real in previous years, but with cellphones and security cameras, there is a lot more proof.


  • Result of a positive charge generated along stress gradients that “accumulate at the surface”
    • A high density of accumulated charged atoms are thought to ionize pockets of air with creates light-emitting plasma
  • Intense electric fields are created piezoelectrically (ability to generate an electric charge in response to mechanical stress) by tectonic movements of rocks containing quartz
  • Local disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field

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