Continuing the Conversation: Forensic Files Michigan Case Solved

Jeanette Kirby was murdered in a Michigan park in 1986.

She was found naked, her clothes had been methodically cut from her body. Her hands had been secured behind her back by Flex-Cufs brand zip ties, the same brand used by police.

The case went cold until 1990 when David Draheim tried to abduct a woman while impersonating a police officer. All signs pointed to David, but no solid data.

The case went cold again until Muriel Kirby, Jeanette’s mom, contacted Jennifer Granholm, who was the state’s attorney general at that time.

More evidence was uncovered and it lead to a conviction in 2002 of David Draheim who is currently still in jail.

Forensic Files, the TV show, did a episode on Jeanette’s murder. It was called “Bound for Jail”.

Read the article below to know more:

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