Show Notes: Gregory Roberts Hit and Run, Missing Michigan Women Found, Jane Doe Cases P2

This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

Episode 52: Gregory Roberts Hit and Run, Missing Michigan Women Found, Jane Doe Cases P2

Funny Movie Reviews


  • Pretend podcast music because Jenn likes it. 
  • Ali has a weird laugh.  It is often loud.

Ali would like to meet listener, Alisia, at a State Park located by the Mackinac Bridge that allows you to swim in both Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

1991 Cold Case of the 24-year-old Gregory McRoberts of Lee Township

On December 21, 1991 Gregory McRoberts was riding his bicycle in Lee Township, Michigan on South Meridian road. It was stated by Alice of that Gregory was riding his bicycle to Sliver Creek Inn where his car had broken down earlier that day. On his way he was fatally killed after being struck by a car. The Police believe the vehicle was a 1980’s Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, light blue in color.

Gregory’s body was missing until Jan 4, 1992 when it was discovered in a ditch on South Meridian road. This case went cold and in 2005 the family of Gregory received a letter, postmarked in 2005 from Saginaw, Michigan. The letter is written by someone claiming that they were the person who killed Gregory that night. The letter talks about how Gregory was riding his bicycle in the lane that they were driving in and when the driver seen Gregory it was too late.

The person goes on to write how they didn’t stop and was counting on the cars behind him to stop and check on him. They also talk in the letter how this has changed their life, causing them agony for what they had done, doing drugs and drinking alcohol to get rid of the guilt they had over the situation. The person ends the letter stating that if the parents wanted to respond to the letter, they should take up a personal ad of the Midland daily newspaper and print their response there. 

Websleuths page about Gregory McRoberts:

Midland Police Cold Case page about Gregory McRoberts

Missing Michigan Women Are Found

Jill Jolene Parrinello-Davey

This case was brought to my attention via a Facebook friend. That friend was looking through a list that she described as being called “Missing in Michigan”. That is where she found one of her friends listed, Jill Parrinello-Davey. For the next few days, I saw her posting pleas for her friend to contact someone if she could.  Then my FB friend posted an article saying she had been found.

Two bodies had been pulled from a submerged car in Lake Erie, off of the coast of Ohio. Jill Parrinello-Davey, who was 50, and Darren Paul Gabbard, who was 48, were found together in a white 2004/5 Malibu. Jill is from Manchester, Michigan, and Darrin was from Allen Park, Michigan. Their car had been rented from an Econo Lodge in Manchester (maybe Monroe) the night before they went missing. The car was rented Friday, August 16, and they were reported missing, Saturday, August 17, 2019.

Police were led to the Toledo Beach Marina in Ohio by following cell phone records. After launching a sonar boat, the car was located. The two missing people had been at a bar near the marina, and police say it looks as if they accidentally drove into the water. Their cell phones shut down around 1 a.m. on Saturday as they became waterlogged. Police were unable to determine who was driving the car as neither person was wearing a seatbelt.

It is believed that Jill and Darrin had met online and were meeting in person for the first time that night.

2019 Case involving the disappearance and drowning in Lake Erie of Jill Parrinello-Davey and Darrin Gabbard in Monroe County Michigan
 First date gone very wrong. On August 20th the police reached out to the public for information on two missing people:

Jill Parrinello-Davey, age 50 of Manchester and Darrin Gabbard, age 48 of Allen Park
The two were reported to be on a date and last seen around 10:30 pm on August 17, 2019 leaving an Econo Lodge located in Monroe Michigan. The two had reportedly met online and this was their first date. The Monroe News reported that a few days later after the police reached out to the public the two were found in a car submerged in Lake Erie off the Toledo Beach Marina. The Police reported they believe the driver accidentally drove into the lake and did not feel foul play was involved and this case is being closed as an accident.
The Monroe News Article:

Olivia Rossi

Olivia Rossi went missing around 1 a.m. on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. She had left her townhome in Westland, walking toward a meeting with a high school friend she would occasionally date. She was texting with friends and her twin sister, Raquel Rossi. Olivia texted that she was heading to Cooper Upper Elementary school to meet with the mutual friend. Olivia then sent out the text message that the unnamed friend was acting weird. One article said she texted her sister to say he was carrying a knife. Then communications stopped completely.

Olivia’s siblings posted flyers on their Facebook pages in their search for her. They described her appearance and provided pictures of her in their efforts to find her. The flyers talk about her being last seen walking around Ann Arbor Trail and Middlebelt Road.

Olivia Rossi was less two weeks away from her 24th birthday when her body was found in Hines Park on Friday, August 23, 2019. Around 4 p.m. on the 23rd, police were called to a dead body partially submerged in a pond in the park. It was Olivia and she had been the victim of murder.

The man who was with Olivia at the time of her disappearance has been taken into custody. According to her twin sister, Raquel, he confessed to meeting Olivia at the school. The unnamed man killed her there and then dumped her body in the park.

Police are not releasing the suspect’s name at this time.

Jane Doe Part 2

Darlene Mckenzie

Darlene McKenzie was 15 years old in 1975, when she argued with her mom and exited the house. Darlene lived on the West Side of Detroit and left the house walking. Later Darlene did call home and talk but there wasn’t any contact from Darlene after that. She was never seen again.

Darlene had just given birth to a daughter who was a couple months old. That daughter, Carlita, has spent her entire adult life looking for her mother. Darlene’s mother, Doris Leverette, went out driving, looking for her daughter in the 70’s, but never found her. Detroit police weren’t able to find a missing person report on Darlene, and over 40 years later, Doris no longer recalls if she even created one.

On June 10,1975, employees of Farmington Hills Department of Public Works found a female body off expressway 696 East and Haggerty Road. She had been murdered. The public was interested in the case and the discovery was run on the news.  However, no one was able to identify her. A blood sample was taken and about a month later the body was buried as a  Jane Doe in a graveyard in Pontiac.  According to Police Chief Chuck Nebus, every few years the case would be looked at and with the DNA from the blood being uploaded to NamUs. (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System)

Carlita Ransom and Doris Leverette, Darlene’s daughter and mother, still wanting to find Darlene, contacted the Detroit police in 2015. They were then able to file a missing person report. The two women also submitted their DNA samples for comparisons to Jane Doe cases.

There was a possible match between the women and a blood sample from the Farmington Hills Jane Doe in 2016. In October 2016, the Jane Doe body was exhumed for further testing and confirmation. By December it was confirmed that the young woman found in Farmington Hills was Darlene McKenzie.

Carlita’s new quest is looking for her mother’s killer. It is believed that Darlene was killed in Detroit in June of 1975.  Police believe her body was brought to Farmington Hills to be dumped. Crime Stoppers of Michigan is offering a $2,500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of Darlene’s killer.

Strongsville Jane Doe

In March of 1975, three boys hiking in Strongsville, Ohio, found a skeleton sticking out of the mud alongside the Rocky River. The skeleton was missing most of its flesh and the lower portion of the jaw. When the skeleton was removed from the environment, a bullet hole was found on the side of the skull.

The bones were identified as belonging to a Caucasian female who was around the age of 20 at the time of her death. Little else is cataloged regarding the skeleton, which was buried in a pauper’s grave at Potter’s Field in Cleveland.

Christina Scates was 23 years old in 2014, when she began working on a family genealogy project. In the cemetery index, Christina saw a listing for “Unknown White Female Bones”. She identified with the victim, being about the same age and being in the same area. Christina couldn’t stop thinking about the Jane Doe.

Christina began cold calling local police posts trying to find information about the case. Christina finally found Lieutenant Don Sylvis, who was a Cleveland park ranger for the area in which the body was found. Don sent Christina all the information he had on the case. She then uploaded the file information to Reddit’s “Unsolved Mysteries” and the website.

That is when Carl Koppelman, a forensic artist, saw the Jane Doe evidence. Christina asked Carl if he would sketch the face of the Strongsville Doe. He was hesitant at first due to some of Jane’s teeth being missing, her mandible was gone, and she had no hair to use for coloring. Carl eventually accepted the challenge.

While working on the Strongsville Doe case, Carl contacted Angie Fischer, who works missing persons cases in Cuyahoga County, about another Jane Doe. In the conversation, Carl asked Angie about the Strongsville case and she was not able to find it in the NamUs database. (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System) Angie then promptly entered the Strongsville Doe’s information into the database.

Months later, Sargent Jeff Smith from the Akron Police Department, was working on cold cases. One of the oldest cases was that of  17-year-old Linda Pagano. Linda had been reported missing in September 1974, when her stepdad claimed she left home after an argument with him. Jeff was guided by Angie Fischer to upload Linda’s information into NamUs.

There as an immediate match to the Strongsville Doe. The time frame in which the body was found matched Linda. The composite made by Carl Koppelman looked very similar to Linda’s photos. Dental records were compared. The Strongsville Doe’s body was exhumed, and DNA was extracted. That DNA was then compared to Linda’s family members like her brother, Michael Pagano.  

It was confirmed that Linda Pagano was the Strongsville Doe.

Linda’s stepfather, Byron Clafin, the last person to see her, was considered by police to be a person of interest, but he died in 1990. Linda’s mother died in 2012, before finding out about the fate of her daughter. Linda’s remains are going to be put to rest next to her mother in the Holy Cross Cemetery.

A skeleton found in 1975 is no longer just a ‘Jane Doe’ — thanks in part to Internet sleuths

Family, friends say goodbye to missing 17-year-old in unsolved murder case from 1974

Tina L. Cabanaw

A Jane Doe was discovered outside of Angola, Indiana in September 6, 1999. She was found in a field that has since been turned into a gold course. It was estimated that the body had been at that location for about six to eight weeks. Due to the degradation of the body, the medical examiner at the Northeast Indiana Forensic Center couldn’t determine an exact cause of death but instead ruled it as “highly suspicious”.

Throughout the years, police have been trying to identify her remains, including the use of NamUs in 2007. In 2018, the DNA of Jane Doe was uploaded to Parabon NanoLabs, a genetic matching site. There were three possible matches to fifth or sixth cousin. The police then used more traditional methods of whittling down the list of matches, like cold calling people. One woman in Georgia remembers a family member going missing in the 1990’s from Michigan. She provided to a phone number that lead to another woman, the sister of Tina Cabanaw.

Tina L. Cabanaw, who was 36 years old when she was reported missing, was from the Detroit area. She had a daughter, Jessica Gallegos, who was 16 years old when her mom disappeared. Tina’s sister and her daughter Jessica provided their DNA to see if it would match the woman found in Angola, Indiana.  In July of 2019, 20 years after Tina disappeared and a Jane Doe was found, her identity is confirmed.

Tina’s daughter, Jessica, is quoted as saying “I have searched for her every year, but my hopes of finding her (alive) are crushed. There is some good from the closure; I don’t have to search for her anymore.”

Review of Movies

Wizard of Oz: Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again.

Bulletproof Monk: I’m not familiar with the “Bulletproof Monk” comic book that sparked this movie, but that is because I have known the soft caress of a woman and am thus excluded from the target demographic.

Gigli: Famous philosophers Bell, Biv, and Devoe once stated “Never trust a big butt and smile”. I should have listened to them. This movie is indeed poison.

Chop Kick Panda: (Kung Fu Panda rip-off) I am more offended by the fact that NF thought I would like this than I would be if a homeless man grabbed my crotch on the train, announced that the two of us were to be married and then successfully argued in court that said proclamation constitutes a verbal contract. Furthermore, if I were to marry aforementioned bum and subsequently be cheated on multiple times by my forced same sex partner, I would still be less offended by that than I am by the fact that NF thought I would like this. If God himself came down to Earth and announced to the world that I am the creation He is least proud off (including Lucifer) and I am to walk the Earth for eternity for the expressed purpose of demonstrating to the rest of creation what happens when you have the misfortune of being a loathsome wretched creature so hideous that you are an affront to the creator, I would be less offended than I am by the fact that NF thought I would like this

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