Death Costs More Than Life

According to a 2015 article written by Jack Lessenberry of NPR, states that have a death penalty, have significantly higher murder rates than states that don’t.

(Michigan doesn’t have the death penalty.)

An Urban Institute study found that in Maryland, which reinstated the death penalty in 1978, had extra cost associated with executions.

The cost has been up to $186 million dollars in the first 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Death Costs More Than Life

  1. The death penalty; definitely a hot button issue. I try to simplify it in my own mind and when I do my rationale informs me that life without the possibility of parole is adequate and just for the worst of the worst offenders–and then a 6 year-old child is abducted from a softball game in Kentucky with her parents only yards away. She is raped strangled and thrown into a festering pond and found within 20 minutes of her disappearance. They’ve got the guy who did it. The proof is irrefutable. These are the crimes that cry out for the death penalty.


    1. I share the same thoughts. I hate the thought of a child-rapist or mass murderer being allowed to live. I feel conflicted when I realize we have an imperfect justice system and knowing we’ve put an innocent person to death. It is at times like this I understand the statement, “being of two minds”.

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