Continuing the Conversation: Human body assembled like Frankenstein found hanging in a Human Chop Shop Research Donation Center

Continuing the conversation: This week we talked about Biological Resource Center in Arizona and the owner Stephen Gore who were involved in illegal trafficking of human body parts back in 2015, and back in the news in 2019 being sued in Civil court by the families.


Here is an article for more information from Time Magazine:

Dismembered Limbs, Head Sewn Onto the Wrong Body Allegedly Found in Raid on Arizona Body-Donation Company

Gwendolyn Aloia doesn’t know if her late husband Louis’s ashes are actually his.

In 2013, Aloia donated her husband Louis’s body to science, signing a consent form that willed his remains to medical or scientific testing. The Biological Resource Center, a now-closed for-profit company that accepted bodies of the deceased, took Louis, returned his ashes to Aloia and later sent her a letter … Click here to continue reading.


Check out Gods Gifts YouTube Video about Human Chop Shop” Biological Resource Center.


Here is Arizona’s ABC News 15 article from December 2015:

Families sue PHX center for selling body parts

A Phoenix company is the target of a civil lawsuit for illegally selling human body parts On Monday morning, eight families who donated loved ones to Biological Resource… Click Here to continue reading.

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