Show Notes: Elias Abuelazam- Flint Stabber, Roadway Inn Motel, 3Fifty Detroit Bar Review

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Elias Abuelazam, Flint Stabber

In the spring of 2010, someone had begun a series of attacks on men of color in Michigan.  There were 14 knife assaults in Genesee County, resulting in five deaths. The unknown perpetrator was given several names, “The Genesee County Serial Slasher”, “The Genesee County Serial Stabber”, and “The Serial Slasher” and “The Flint Stabber”.

The serial stabbing came to the authority’s attention in early May of 2010. The perpetrator was known to drive around the county at night, in a green/gold SUV, looking for men to approach.  According to surviving victims, his preferred scenario was to find a man walking alone, ask him for either directions or assistance fixing his car, and then stab them when they got close. The wounded or murdered men all had small frames, were short, thin, and non-muscular.  All but two of them were black, one was Hispanic, and one was white. They were not robbed.

Fourteen of the 18 knife attacks had taken place in Genesee County. The second to last attack was on Frank Kellybrew, who did die from his knife wounds. The attacks stopped in Michigan in the early morning hours of August 2, 2010, with the death of Arnold Minor. Arnold was a handyman who had been stabbed in downtown Flint.

Then there were three more attacks in Leesburg, Virginia, between on August 3,and August 6, 2010. Two of the knife attacks had the same modus operandi as The Flint Stabber. One of the attacks followed the pattern of a man in a green/gold SUV asking for help, but the victim had been attacked with a hammer. The assailant had struck the victim in the head in an effort to kill him. All three men survived.

On August 6th, a taskforce was created in Genesee county that included the FBI. On August 7th, a male church janitor, Tony Leno,  was stabbed in Ohio after walking up to a SUV to assist the driver inside.

The case was cracked when an anonymous tip was called in to the Michigan State Police tip line.  It led to the Kingswater party store, where Elias Abuelazam had worked for the last month. (This is the same party store where D. Jones-Dickerson died in the podcast we did about revenge killings in Michigan.) Victims who survived the attack had provided police with a sketch of his face and told of a green and gold SUV that was described as belonging to the serial murderer. The tip came from a woman who said her father also worked at Kingswater and that they believed Elias was the man they were looking for. The police were able to use surveillance video from the store to help identify Elias.

 The surviving victims mentioned that he was a muscular man.  Elias fit the physical description as he was 6’5’ and 250 pounds. Elias owned a SUV which was painted green and gold that had also been described by surviving victims. On August 2, 2010, the date the stabbings stopped in Michigan and began in Virginia, Elias had left Michigan to visit relatives in Virginia. On August 7,2010, the date of the stabbing in Ohio, it was believed that Elias was on his way back home to Michigan from Virginia, passing through Ohio.

Elias Abuelazam was born August 28, 1976 in central Israel. He came from a prosperous Christian Arab family.  He moved to the United States, as an adult, and had a green card, but was not a citizen. Elias married Jessica Nimitz, in the summer of 2004. They met in Texas, where he was visiting cousins. They divorced in 2007, with Jessica’s father claiming that Elias verbally abused his daughter. Elias spent some time working in Virginia at a mental health facility, as a mental health technician, until 2008. Elias then moved to Michigan in the summer of 2010.  He lived in Grand Blanc, MI, in a house is uncle owned near Flint, while working at the party store.

Convinced they had the correct perpetrator; the police began to search for Elias Abuelazam. On August 11, police, with the help of U.S. Customs, were able to find flight records showing that on that day Elias had taken a plane from Detroit, Michigan to Louisville, Kentucky, and then on to Atlanta, Georgia. He was arrested in Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, without incident. He had been prepping for a flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. On August 13, 2010 he was extradited to Michigan.

It was later found that Elias had been arrested in Arlington, Virginia on August 5th.  He had been taken into custody during a traffic stop because he had a bench warrant for his arrest.  During the stop, an officer found a knife and a hammer in the door of Elias’ SUV .The warrant was for simple assault and Elias had been released on personal bond. His car was returned to him later that day.

Besides the attacks in the United States, Elias was accused of stabbing a friend in the face with a screwdriver while visiting his family in Israel in late 2009/early 2010. It was not pursued as a legal matter, as the victim did not press charges.

When searching his car and belongings, police found a shoelace of Elias’ that had blood on it from his second to last murder victim, Frank Kellybrew. Blood from his last murder victim, Arnold Minor, was found on a pair of pants that was found in Elias’ luggage as well as on the steering wheel of the SUV. While at trial for Arnold Minor’s murder, the prosecution called 50 witnesses, including victims of the knife attacks, forensic experts, and Elias’ uncle, who had assisted police in his capture.

Elias’s attorneys called one witness, a psychiatrist who claimed that Elias was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. The psychiatrist claimed that evil spirits told Elias to kill the men. He also noted that Elias tried to commit suicide in 2007 and was diagnosed in 2009, in Israel, of being psychotic. In rebuttal, the prosecution attacked the psychiatrist’s credibility, noting that his area of expertise was addiction treatment. The prosecution also had psychiatrist testify that claimed Elias did have a personality disorder, but he was too organized in his attacks to be legally insane. His attacks were premeditated.

Elias was convicted of the murder of Arnold Minor, after one hour of deliberation. Elias’ sentence was life in prison without the possibility of parole. As a state, Michigan does not allow parole for people convicted of first-degree murder. Due to his inability to be released from jail, Elias will not be charged for all of the other murders they believe he has committed.  Other cases in Genesee County are not being tried, nor in Ohio or Virginia.

Elias Abuelazam was given an opportunity to speak but chose not to discuss any part of his crimes.

List of attacks possibly perpetrated by Elias:

May 24, 2010: David Motley, 31 found stabbed to death, Michigan

June 21, 2010: Emmanuel Abdul Muhammad, 59, found stabbed to death, Michigan

June 26, 2010: Bill Fisher, 42, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan

July 12, 2010: Antoine Jackson, 29, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan

July 19, 2010: Richard Booker, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan

July 23, 2010: unknown man, 29, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan

July 26, 2010: Darwin Marshall, 43, found stabbed to death, Michigan

July 27, 2010: Antwoine Marshall, 26, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan, identified Elias Abuelazam photo for the police

July 29, 2010: Davon Rawls, 20, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan

July 29, 2010: unknown man, 59, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan

July 30, 2010: unknown man, 28, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan

July 30, 2010: Frank Kellybrew, 60, found stabbed to death, Michigan

August 1, 2010: Etwan Wilson, 18, assaulted with the intent to murder, Michigan

August 2, 2010: Arnold Minor, 49, found stabbed to death, Michigan

August 3, 2010, Anthony Kage, 15, assaulted with the intent to murder, Virginia

August 5, 2010: unknown man, 67, assaulted with the intent to murder, Virginia, stabbed just hours after Elias was released from police custody

August 6, 2010: unknown man, assaulted with the intent to murder, Virginia, only person attacked with a hammer and not a knife

August 7, 2010: Tony Leno, 59, assaulted with the intent to murder, Ohio

Roadway Inn Motel

On May 24th
of this year Jessica Bramer, age 26 from Grand Rapids, Christian Reed, age 28, from Marne and a 6-month-old baby, Skylah were found in a Muskegon County Roadway Inn motel room in Whitehall Michigan. It was said that Jessica and Christian had been deceased for 7 days. The child was living but in critical condition.

News articles stated it would take about a month to get the results back to determine Jessica and Christian’s cause of death. I couldn’t find any recent news articles on the story. There was articles talking about how both individuals had addiction problems which would lead us to believe this was drug or alcohol related. We will have to follow up on this story.

This same motel was in the news in January when a man shot another man, stuffed him in the trunk of a car – set it on fire, and then killed himself.

The police traced the car back to a woman who reported that her boyfriend Antonio Wiggers, age 33, had the car but had been missing for a few days. The police went to Antonio’s house and determined that their was a shooting that took place in the home. A day later Antonio’s body was found at the Muskegon County Roadway Inn motel and it was determined he took his own life.

The man in the trunk was identified as Raymond Coleman Jr, age 27 of Muskegon. A witness did come forward and said they witnessed Antonio shoot Raymond.

I looked up the Roadway Inn just to see what kind of reviews this motel had and surprisingly on Google it has a 3.8 Rating.

3Fifty Detroit Bar

 Yelp Review

Chris O., 1 Star

Ummmmm…. yah no thanks. If you want superficial, egotistical, with a hint of vomit throughout the club, this is place for you ! First off, if you can get in the door , VIP or not, it’s a career mistake just to walk in. Also wear your sneakers after the 8 floors of stairs to the roof if you don’t wanna get stuck in a rickety elevator from 1900. Either booth or bar you’re screwed with slow service and mediocre attention from people who care a rats ass if you spent this months rent on service. Wouldn’t matter if you’re royal or pond scum, actually pond scum smells better than this skank infested excuse for Vegas. Good luck!

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