Show Notes: 1985 Cold Case, Man Found With Dead Wife, Revenge Murders in Michigan

This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

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  • Pretend podcast music because Jenn likes it. 
    • Ali has a weird laugh.  It is often loud.

Jenn and Ali are recording this summer’s podcasts a little early because June is busy.  Ali’s daughter has high school graduation and Jenn has a lake house she wants to get to.

A Funny Follower

We have a funny follower named Alisia who is a mix of Ali and Jenn.  She wears a fur coat while drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, and tending chickens.

Cold Case, 1985 Murder of Barry Crane

Ali immediately mixes up Bob Crane, the murdered actor from Hogan’s Heroes, with Barry Crane, the TV and movie producer from this murder. She almost throws Jenn off of her game, but she persevered. This sidetracked them a little bit in a convo about sex tapes, d picks, and genies.

Barry Crane was a well known Tv and Movie producer from the 1980’s. He did Mission Impossible, Wonder Woman, and Dallas.  The list of shows he was involved in was very long. He died in his Los Angeles home in July of 1985 after being beaten and chocked to death.  He was found wrapped in sheets in his garage.

The only items missing from his home were his wallet and his Cadillac car. The car was found, and prints were collected. Then the case went cold. 

Fast forward to May of 2019. Ed Hiatt was arrested in North Carolina and charged with Barry Crane’s murder. At the time of the murder, Ed was an 18-year-old drug addict. The police had picked items out of Bob’s trash and were able to match it to Ed’s DNA. They also linked Ed’s fingerprints to the prints in the Cadillac.

Ed confessed to police in an interview.  When asked by reporters, he claimed he didn’t remember the murder. Ed talks about God and how his life is different now.  Ali thinks he has a touch of the crazy. Jenn said his interview was just random rambling.  Ed said God is giving him flashes of remembrance.

Man Found in Drive Thru with Wife’s Dead Body

In May of 2019, Rodney Puckett, age 70, was caught driving with his naked dead wife’s body, Linda Puckett in the passenger seat in Eloy, Arizona. They were in a drive thru of a fast food place. It is possible that Rodney was naked.

Rodney went through the drive thru of a fat food restaurant where the employee noticed a woman with her face down and legs up in the air. She was covered but her legs were sticking out. While Rodney was waiting for his food in the drive-thru a local detective stopped into the restaurant, the detective was alerted, and Rodney was pulled over as he was pulling out of the parking lot.

Rodney told the police they were on their way to California, stopped and stayed at an El Paso Texas hotel, the next morning he couldn’t wake his wife so he just loaded her up in the car and continued on to California.

Police pulled the security videos from the El Paso Hotel and saw Rodney coming out of his hotel room with his wife covered in blankets on a luggage cart.

Looking into Rodney and Linda it was found they were married in 2011 and were currently getting a divorce and Linda had a restraining order against Rodney.

Currently Rodney is being held in Pinal County Jail on charges of abandonment or concealment of a body with a 100-thousand-dollar bond. The Medical Examiner did find minor blunt force trauma but has not yet released the cause of death.

Revenge and Murder in Michigan

Darnyreouckeonu Jones-Dickerson

On October 5, 2016, a car with four passengers pulled up to Kingwater Party Store in Mt. Morris, which is in Genesee County. Two males got out of the car, telling the two teen girls in the front that they were with to drive on without them. The girls did leave the party store parking lot but turned into an adjacent lot to see what the teenage males they dropped off were doing. The girls heard gun shots and saw the guys they dropped off firing into a red pickup truck. The truck pulled away from the party store and crashed about 100 yards from the store’s parking lot.

The two male teenagers were cousins Dequavion Harris, who was 19, and Kemo Parks Jr., who was 18 years old at the time of their crime. Dequavion had been charged with the murder of another teen in 2014 but the case was dropped after witnesses failed to testify.

The man in the truck was Darnyreouckeonu Jones-Dickerson was 20 years old at the time of his death. When police arrived at the crash site, he was dead from five bullet wounds. It is believed that Dequavion and Kemo killed Jones-Dickerson in revenge for the death of one their cousins, for which they believed Jones-Dickerson was responsible.

According to the teen girls, the Dequavion and Kemo sat in the backseat of the car whispering to each other.  Before they got out, Kemo handed Dequavion a gun.  It was Dequavion who pulled the trigger. He also created a rap song later that contained details of the shooting, including the fact that it was done in revenge.

In October 2018, now at the ages of 20 and 21 years old, the two cousins were charged and convicted of first-degree murder, felony firearm charges, and concealed weapon charges. They were given sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Kamiya French/Gross

On July 1, 2014 Kamiya French, who was 2 years old, was playing on the front lawn with her 12-year-old friend, Chelsea. Kamiya’s father, Kenneth French, and his friend, Toni Holt, who is Chelsea’s mom, were sitting on the front porch. Kenneth and his daughter, Kamiya, were visiting at Toni’s house.

Raymone Jackson and a friend, Rapheal Hearn, drove by the property, seeing Kenneth on the porch. Three months previous, Rapheal had been shot while out with his motorcycle club. Police found text communications that said Rapheal believed that Kenneth French had a role in his shooting and that he wanted retaliation. It is believed that the two men waited months to act because they were waiting for Raymone to have his ankle tether removed.

The two men then drove around the house and parked the car in the back. Raymone walked around the side of the house with a gun.  Rapheal stayed in the car as the getaway driver. As soon as Raymone cleared the side of the house, he started shooting. Kenneth, Chelsea, and Kamiya had several gunshot wounds. At one point during the attack, Raymone walked up to two-year-old Kamiya and shot her in the head, execution style, at point blank range.  It is believed that Raymone wanted Kamiya’s death to be the last thing Kenneth saw.

Afterwards, Raymone ran back to the car where Rapheal was waiting. The two then fled the scene. There is surveillance video of the men walking along Detroit’s Riverwalk on the day of the shooting.  It is believed that they disposed of the gun in the river.  It was never recovered.

The two men, Raymone and Rapheal, were charged jointly in front of the same jury. Raymore was found guilty of the first-degree premeditated murder of Kamiya, torture, for the mental torture he inflicted on Kenneth by executing his toddler in front of him, two counts of assault with the intent to murder for Kenneth and Chelsea, and a felony weapons charge. Rapheal had the same charges, but as an aider and abettor.

In March of 2015, they were both convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Raymone expresses remorse over what he did, but I say F him. Rapheal has appealed his sentence, claiming he should have been tried separately from Raymone. It was denied.

Dog Poo

In September of 2018, Brenda Mullins of Detroit, snapped after finding more dog poop in her yard. She claims that her neighbor’s dog kept using her lawn as a commode. Brenda decided to seek revenge on the dog owners by smearing their dog’s poop on their front door. Unfortunately for Brenda, her doo doo deeds got her in trouble as the porch camera caught her in the act.

Brenda’s neighbor claims that she never spoke to them about the pooping.  Brenda isn’t hiding what she did and considers herself a vigilante.

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