Show Notes: Funny Yelp Review, Double Murder in Michigan, Weird Murder Weapons

This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

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  • Pretend podcast music because Jenn likes it. 
    • Ali has a weird laugh.  It is often loud.

Jenn and Ali are recording this summer’s podcasts a little early because June is busy.  Ali’s daughter has high school graduation and Jenn has a lake house she wants to get to.

Yelp Review of Beef Carver

Al P. 5 stars (reduced for time)

If you want a classic “I’m from Michigan and I’m proud” experience, this would be the place you visit for a good protein run.

I love the Beefcvarver bro. The sign is a true Michigan classic. I feel in love with this place after the parental units brought me here after I wouldn’t stop yapping about how awesome my 4th-grade field trip to Greenfield Village was and I wanted to be a God Damn colonial.

Stepping inside this place is like going back in time to a nicer place where men were men, employees went all out, and beef was drowning in a sea of beef juices, which is the way the Christ-Lord intended lol. Hell yeah I’m writing this review like my grandparents would cause dammit, you’ll definitely see a lot of grandparents here. WHY???
Cause they consistently serve quality goods and with great service and prices.

I love the colonial decor, it makes me feel like I’m an American Revolutionary Patriot about to celebrate independence from England and boring fast food. 

Another thing that brings me back is the food line. It reminds me of waiting in line at the cafeteria during “A” Lunch at high school, minus the big boned goth couple necking in front of me or the obnoxious kid that insists on bogarting all the Ranch Dressing for himself, or those silly white boys tossing up gang signs at each other like they were zoo trainers about to discover the secret of life from the ghost of Harambe. (I went to Westland John Glenn)

The service is great and the place is clean. Cool atmosphere – not like “Instagram this place ASAP cool” but more like hardworking Americans like myself and Hank Hill from “King of the Hill” would look around and be like, “Cool, this place is alright!”

Food – I love the food, especially the roast beef. It’s always juicy. The gravy really isn’t as thick as I’m used to, more like an Au Jus is super-tasty. That plus the mashed potatoes is always a hit 1-2 combo. They have salads you can get where you can put toppings on. The cole slaw’s alright – parents would always grab this for me cause they were certain I’d make a mess and fuck up the salad bar cause I’m clumsy. Probably right.

The one thing I have noticed was that the more I come here, the less salty the meat tends to be. Maybe it’s because I’m a smoker and the cigs have started to tap out my taste buds??? Who knows? Who cares, they have salt and pepper shakers. Easy fix.
All that matters is that the service, the price, and the juiciness of the meat. 

My homie Bobby D “Knock hussies up & flee” says they have solid pies here. I’ve never had them though, (we’d always go to Sander’s for Cream Puff Sundaes after here). He says they are good, maybe next time I will try it.

Yeah man, Sign of the Beefcarver – Solid place to have a good family dinner. Probably wouldn’t recommend it for a first date, but a solid place to bring a gal you put in the friend zone – or a parent’s B-day.

Double Murder in Michigan

In Centreville, Michigan,  Zachary Patten was serving a life sentence for the murder of Graciela Portillo-Esparza during a crime spree in Kalamazoo County in July 2017. On the same day he killed Graciela he killed Shane Richardson.

Zachary was found guilty of first-degree murder in May for the death of Shane Richardson who was killed in his Florence Township home. Shane Richardson was the husband of Zachary’s ex-wife.

Zachary Patten will be sentenced for the murder of Shane on June 21st.

Synopsis: Zachary drove to a mobile home park and killed Graciela.  We don’t know why. Then he went to Florence Township to kill Shane. The killing had something to do with parental custody of the children. Now he’s in jail.

Detroit Free Press News Article: Michigan Man found guilty of second murder in 2 county crime spree:

3WWMT West Michigan News Article: Convicted murderer Zachary Patten stands trial on St Joseph County Murder Charge:

Weird Murder Weapons


On May 22, 1991, in Miami County, Ohio, Edward Benson beat his wife two death. Edward, who was 63 years old at the time, beat his wife, Katie Benson, who was 60, in the head just before 5 a.m. Edward beat Katie with one banjo and when it was destroyed, he grabbed a second banjo and continued to beat her. (He played banjo in a bluegrass band, if you wondered how he had multiples.)

At 5:01 Edward Benson then called 911 to receive help from the paramedics for his wife.  He then called an attorney. Edward’s attorney arrived on scene and advised him not to answer investigator’s questions. Edward followed the advice.

Katie died on the way to the hospital due to massive head trauma.

In November of 1991, Edward was not found competent to stand trial. This decision was based on reports from three psychologist and testimony from two of their seven adult children. They said that he does understand the charges against him, but he is not capable of helping his attorneys in preparing a defense. They were supposing that he would be competent in a year. Edward was charged with aggravated murder.

I (Ali) could not find if he was convicted. I spent 20 minutes on general searches alone, checked Ohio’s offender registry, read documents from Ohio’s Court of Appeals and Ohio Supreme Court.  I couldn’t find anything later than November of 1991.  I could tell you that Edward had passed away by 2011, by reading his children’s obituaries.

Stiletto Heel

Ana Trujillo, was who 45 years old at the time of the murder, had met her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson after the dissolution of her second marriage.  Their romance moved forward quickly, with Ana moving in with Stefan, who was 59 years old, after a few weeks, in 2013. Ana is originally from Mexico, and Stefan was from Sweden, but they lived together in Stefan’s luxurious high-rise apartment in Houston, Texas. Ana was a former Coca Cola executive and Stefan was a professor at the University of Houston.

Ana’s testimony lasted four to six meandering hours, with her attorney herding her back on subject with hand gestures. According to her this is what happened on June 9, 2013 around 2 a.m.:   The couple had been drinking together and an argument began on the taxi ride home. Once in the apartment, Stefan attacked her, slamming her repeatedly against the wall. When Ana fell back, she claims that Stefan went with her and they were rolling on the ground, attacking each other.  While trying to defend herself, Ana pulled his hair and grabbed one of her stiletto-heeled shoes. She said she swung up at him repeatedly with the shoe to get him off of her. She claims self-defense.

Prosecutors claim that Ana was known for physically attacking others while angry.  They had several witnesses on the stand that gave testimony to a violent history. Stefan had a history of issues with alcohol, but he was known for being mild mannered. They said that Ana had attacked Stefan and he received injuries to his face and head while he lay on his back. In court prosecutors told the jury that Ana sat on his chest while striking him repeatedly. Due to the low position of blood stains on the walls and floor, experts determined there wasn’t anyone between Stefan and the carpet. Ana was the aggressor and attacker. Stefan received 25 stab wounds above the neck, considered too many for self-defense.

The heel of the shoe was five inches in length and made of steel. The murder shoe itself sat on a table in front of the jury, still covered in blood and hair from the attack.

After four hours of deliberation, the jury came back with a guilty verdict.  Ana was sentenced to life in prison.  She will not be eligible for parole until 2043, in which she’ll be 75 years old if she is still alive. Ana had been dubbed the “Stiletto Killer” by the press.


In 1850, in Belgium, the Comte and Countess de Bocarme’ decided to kill the Countess’s younger brother to get control of the family fortune. Authorities noticed an abundance of tobacco leaves on the premises and burns around the victim’s mouth. In response, the country’s foremost chemist, Jean Servais Stas, created a method for detecting nicotine poisoning.  It is knowns as the Stas-Otto method.

Nicotine poisoning is rare. It tastes terrible and ingesting a lethal dose would cause skin burns and vomiting. The nicotine would need to be absorbed into the body without burning the skin, probably by injection.

In 1994, Linda Curry died of a nicotine overdose in Orange County, California. She was a nonsmoker.

Linda met Paul Curry in 1989 while they both worked at a nuclear plant.  They married in 1992, when Paul was 35 years old and Linda was 48. Paul was described as both brilliant and a genius by his coworkers.

When they married, Linda had already been suffering from physical ailments and general poor health during the last few years. Paul was on the police radar due to one of Linda’s hospitalizations in 1993. While she was an inpatient at hospital her IV was spiked with lidocaine, leading authorities to believe Linda’s IV bag had been tampered with.

On June 9, 1994, Linda received a fatal dose of nicotine. Police later determine she had slowly been weakening over time from being poisoned by Paul. At one point in the relationship, they broke up and Linda’s health improved. Due to timelines and alibis, detectives didn’t have enough evidence on Paul to charge him with the crime. Paul told reporters that he was unconvinced that Linda had died from nicotine poisoning. He pointed out Linda’s multiple health issues and previously incorrect diagnoses.

The day after Linda’s death, Paul did exhibit suspicious behavior such as calling life insurance companies to collect around $550,000. Paul is the one who insisted the couple get life insurance plans in the first place. Paul claimed that if there was nicotine in Linda’s system it was because she probably had a holistic nicotine enema to help with her health. However, no one could find records of her obtaining this procedure.

In 2007, California authorities began looking into the case again. By 2010, Paul Curry was arrested, 16 years after Linda’s death. Advancements in science had allowed authorities to shorten the timeline for Linda’s demise. It was now determined that Linda was given a high dose of a sedative about 20-30 minutes before a syringe was placed behind her ear, injecting her with a fatal dose of nicotine.

Paul Curry was found guilty by jury trial. He received a sentence of life in prison.

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