Continuing the Conversation Teacher’s Aide Deonte Taylor accused of molesting student, exposing the student to HIV and hiring a hitman

Continuing the conversation: This week we talked about Deonte Taylor a teacher’s aide and his boyfriend Michael Johnson who are accused of molesting a 7 year old student and allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill the student. did a story on their site: Teacher’s aide allegedly hires hit man to kill 10 year old student he’s accused of molesting. Click here to read their article.

New York Daily News article: HIV-positive teacher charged with hiring hitman to kill 10-year-old student he allegedly molested talks about how Deonte Taylor now faces conspiracy to commit murder, witness tampering charges, and knowingly exposing someone to HIV after he allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill the student who accused him of molestation.

The article also talks about how a GoFundMe was setup for the alleged victim and their family who have suffered emotionally and financially since the 2015 original incident. Click here to see the GoFundMe account “Murder for Hire Victim and Family Support: Man sexually abused St. Louis County student, then platted to kill the boy and his mother, charges say”

Continue reading the New York Daily News article by clicking here.


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