Continuing the Conversation: Bobby Dunbar Disappearance and Kidnapping True Crime Story

Continuing the conversation: This week we talked about Bobby Dunbar. In the early 1900’s a young boy, Bobby Dunbar, disappeared during a camping trip.  Eight months later, another boy is brought back to the family.

There are two families claiming the same child.  Who does he belong to?  Check out BuzzFeed Unsolved Q+A Youtube video.


Check out BuzzFeed Unsolved True Crime Youtube video of The Bizarre Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar

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3 thoughts on “Continuing the Conversation: Bobby Dunbar Disappearance and Kidnapping True Crime Story

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for another. Great
    Investigation. Well and done. Well.

    Dna to resolve.

    Btw’s… Thanks much. For Your Support.
    Encouragements too. To
    which in Our World. Legends
    of a Tale. To Tell. You Alls…

    …i, Shiro just got called.
    Outs. As a Conspiracy Theory.
    Favorer. Bys a. Lawyer.?. In
    an articles… here:

    SO… Has this sort of accusations
    happened YourWays. During Your Ways. Of
    Investigating. Things. Mysterious.?.
    Please so. Say. So writ. Actually.

    Take Care. Stay Safe, Well. Well as
    till next… Shiro


    1. Hey Shiro,
      I have seen some horrible and wonderful things done by police. It is all about the individual that pulls you over/interacts with you.
      The things that I’ve seen are police not filing reports, evidence being planted, and escalating infractions against people they don’t like.
      Lawyers are the same as cops, both good and bad out there.

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