Show Notes: People Who Kill In Self Defense and Ally Brueger’s Unsolved Murder

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Episode 28: People Who Kill In Self Defense and Ally Brueger’s Unsolved Murder

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Killing in Defense (this topic was suggested by Shiro)

Javier Trent

December 17, 2018, on a website called, two men connected to sell/buy an X box gaming system. Javier Antonio Trent, who as 29 years old at the time, wanted to by an X box for $350. Javier lived in a trailer park in Newport, Michigan. An unidentified man, we’ll call him Bob, who is 21, made a deal with Javier and drove from Dearborn Heights to Newport to drop off the gaming console. (Bob’s real name was not released as he was not charged with a crime.) Bob brought his 19-year-old girlfriend with him, but she never left the car.

Javier had an envelope marked with the cash amount for the exchange but the only thing inside the envelope were scraps of paper. Javier was attempting to rob Bob. The articles I read don’t talk about how the situation escalated, but it did.  Javier pulled a gun on Bob and began to pistol whip him, hitting him in the head repeatedly.  The gun was a BB gun modified to look like a real pistol.

As the two men began to struggle with each other.  Bob used one arm to hold Javier off while pulling a knife from his pocket. Bob used his mouth to open the blade; I’ll assume it was a folding knife. He began to stab Javier in his torso multiple times.  Javier than took a couple steps back from Bob before collapsing.

Bob stayed on the scene and dialed 911 for medical assistance for Javier. When the police arrived, Bob was emotionally upset. He had intended to sell an X box and ended up killing a man. Bob was also seen at a hospital to take care of the wounds he had received on his head.  The killing was said to have been done in self-defence.

Full story:

Michael Barrett

In Durham, New Hampshire there was another death that was determined self-defense.  Michael Barrett, age 22, and an unidentified friend went to Bailey Manning’s house.  Bailey was also 22 years old, and the two had reconnected a couple weeks earlier as adults, after growing up together as kids.

On March 11, 2017, Bailey had been contacted by Michael asking to buy two ounces of cocaine. Michael and the mystery friend showed up at Bailey’s house and did some of the coke. Then it all traveled downhill.

What happened next was agreed up by people who were at the scene when it all went down but didn’t have time to talk to each other before the police arrived. It was also backed up blood evidence and other physical evidence in the house.

Also, to be open, Bailey had an agreement with the police that he would willingly talk with them if they didn’t use his drug usage against him criminally.

Michael, who was found later to have ecstasy, marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine in his system, began to accuse Bailey and another person of trying to rob him. (He body was found with $817 dollars in his wallet, so it was most likely coke-paranoia that had him upset. The level of cocaine in his blood was high and consistent with recent use.)

Michael ran into the bathroom, pulling the vanity off the wall.  Michael than smashed the mirror, cursing and threatening the lives of Bailey and another man. Someone in the house calls 911.

Bailey ran to get a knife, saying Michael was attacking him with the broken glass and a lamp. Bailey said that Michael tried to put him in a ‘bear hug’ with glass in each hand. Bailey stabbed Michael in the back of his left thigh, the left-side of his back, and the inside of his right lower leg. Michael also had some superficial wounds left forearm, elbow and right index finger. According to the medical examiner, the wound to the back punctured his left lung.  That proved to be the fatal blow as his lung collapsed.

The two men fell to the floor.  Michael rolled off Baily and came to a stop against the bathroom door. That is where police found his body.

Michael Barrett’s father, Ken Barrett, doesn’t believe that is what happened and disagrees with results of the investigation. He believes his son defended himself while being robbed. Ken is also upset that Bailey Manning was not charged with any of his drug-related crimes.

Full story:

Neal Falls

In July of 2015, in Charleston, West Virginia, a woman that we’ll call Heather, accepted a request from a man from her online ad. Heather was an escort and she would be contacted through the online resource called The man, Neal Falls, who was 45-years-old at the time, arrived at her home. Neal pointed a gun at Heather the moment he stepped in the house.  He asked her the question, “Live or die?”.

Neal then began choking Heather, attempting to rape her at the same time.  She was able to grab a rake and began to fight him off with it. Neal put his gun down to try and take the rake-weapon from Heather. That’s when Heather scooped the gun up and started firing in Neal’s direction. She struck Neal, killing him.

Heater quickly dialed 911 stating, “He pulled a gun on me! He was trying to kill me!” Later Heather told news outlets that he said he was going to prison for a long time, so she believed he had done this previously.

When the authorities arrived at Heather’s house, they found a ‘kill kit’ in Neal’s car.  The kill kit contained four sets of handcuffs, bulletproof vests, knives, an ax, a machete, a large container of bleach, and a high number of trash bags. This revelation has caused the FBI to start exploring the fact that Neal may have been a serial killer.

Neal lived in Las Vegas in 2005, and that year four female escorts disappeared from the city.  Their bodies were later found dismembered in Illinois. One of the women, Lindsay M. Harris, disappeared from Vegas in May of 2005 and her legs were found in Springfield, Illinois three weeks later.

Neal was found with a list of 10 women, but authorities checked, and they are alive. Each woman was an escort. Neal had their ages and phone numbers listed.  All of the women advertised on-line, however, none of them remembers having any contact with Neal.

Full story:–law/man-killed-escort-was-likely-serial-killer-police-say/M3PtK7iJmnnxmarH3Z6PZP/

Ally Brueger’s Unsolved Murder

Jenn is worried about this case because it happened near her lake house.

Ally Brueger grew up in Holly, MI. She was 31 years old when she was murdered on July 31, 2016. Ally was considered to be caring and friendly.  She was a nurse who was in school to earn a master in writing. Ally was also an avid runner and ran daily.  She lived with her parents in Rose Township.

The afternoon of the 31st, Ally went on her usual run, which included going down Fish Lake Road. Ally was found to have been shot once in the back.  She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police reported that there were at least four shots taken at Ally. The bullet that hit her back severed a blood vessel, causing her to bleed out.  The person who found her had heard the shots and found Ally collapsed in his yard.

Other people in the area claim to see a white Suburban in the area during that time. The only evidence was tire tracks and shell casings from the shotgun.

After Ally’s murder, there were two other cases of someone being shot while jogging. There was one in New York and one in Massachusetts.  At first, it was believed there may be a traveling serial killer.  However, the two cases that weren’t in Michigan were solved.

The police speculated that Ally’s murder may have been by someone who knew her, a random murder, or a victim of road rage. Fish Lake Road is not a main road, so we were thinking it was someone who knew her before it would be a road rage issue.

Ally recently broke up with her boyfriend. He claims that she wanted to get married right away and he wanted to wait until he was done with school.  Ally’s parents say that they broke up because he was on a dating site.

The police did rule out the parents but not the boyfriend.  The boyfriend passed one polygraph and failed another.  The boyfriend’s alibi is unsubstantiated. The boyfriend claims that Ally’s parents are responsible. He says that Ally’s father was responsible.

Jenn speculates that it may have been a deer hunter.  Ali thinks not. They discuss how the casings were found on the scene. The cops speculate that she was running from her killer, but she was already running, so how was that determined? is a website in which murder is discussed.  There is an application process if you want to post on the site.  You are given a fake name and user ID.  Ally’s former boyfriend is on this site as a contributor. He uses the site to point blame at Ally’s dad, saying he had a bad temper and they had a rough relationship.

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