Quiz: Famous Serial Killers

Let’s see how much you know about famous serial killers! Take the famous serial killer quiz from Britannica.

Click Here to take the quiz and let us know how you do!


Here at Michigan and other Mayhem, two non-professional researchers will intrigue you with interesting stories about Michigan murders, mysteries, odd facts, and other mayhem from around the world. Two sisters-in-law will keep you guessing about what our next subject will be as we discuss true crime, paranormal, historical, and scientific topics. Our weekly podcast will keep you entertained and possibly titillated.

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.

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Random Michigan and mayhem, you know you want it.

10 thoughts on “Quiz: Famous Serial Killers

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for the interactive-ness.
    Enjoy reading Your stuff.

    So… how did i, Shiro… do.?.
    13/15 Score: 320

    Think i passed.!.
    Take Care. Till next… Shiro.


      1. Hi.
        Enjoyed the Quiz in deed. Indeed
        Your Investigations. Too.

        Agree… Mind. Mine. Wonders
        wander. Arounds. In There.

        May I ask.?.
        How do You choose Your
        Flip a Coin…
        Stab in the Dark…

        They are quite unique.
        Take Care. Till next… Shiro.


      2. Hi Shiro,
        To find my subjects, I take suggestions from others, and I write down topics I find interesting during the week. I grew up watching documentaries of all types, so I am interested in a lot of subjects. I find nature and history particularly fascinating. I have a degree in psychology and I am also interested in the workings of other people.

        Let me know if there is any subject you would like me to look into.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hi.
        Thanks much for the explanation.
        Agree about the doco’s… i tend
        to watch mainly them… very lil’ TV
        per se. Love Your Topic Favs too.

        … perhaps exotic/unusual weaponry
        usage… or cases where Murder occurs to save others… or Child Killers.?.

        Hope that Helps.
        Thanks again much for Your Time
        and responses. Appreciated. Much.
        A Difficult Topic. You do well.
        Take Care. Till Next… Shiro.


      4. Hi.
        Glad to input.
        Thanks for the Opportunity.

        Having Studied Martial Arts incl.
        Weaponry… seeing Another(s) View
        of such Situations. Personally
        interesting. For i, Shiro
        that is. That is

        am so
        Looking forward
        to that. Report also. Also

        Please only Bend. No Breakings.
        Of Law. During Your Investigations
        in Our World. Legends so say No.
        To that. 😎
        Be Safe.

        Take Care. Till Next… Shiro

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi.
        Ol’ habits…
        and the Ways i, Shiro’s
        Mind. Works. The Linkage of Names
        quite necessary whilst Studying
        Legends in Our World. Legends
        even from different Times, Places
        can oft contain similar Names
        which necessitates. Such.
        Tbh… i knew lil’ of each case per se…
        just the Names and Titles of
        correspondence etc… which
        suited this Quiz as well. Well
        as.?. Do You TRY? to remember
        Cases… or rather forget. Thems.
        Do They cause Dreams for
        example.?. Have They changed…
        Thanks for the chance to input.
        Take Care. Till next… Shiro


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