Continuing the Conversation Murder and dismemberment of Ramsay Scrivo

Continuing the conversation: This week we talked about the drugging, strangling, burning, and dismemberment of Ramsey Scrivo of St. Claire Shores.

Donna Scrivo  did the unforgivable when she failed to nurture and care for her child, and chose to drug, kill, burn, and dismember his body. Donna used a 4 1/2 inch tool to strangle him and dismembered her son in 12 separate pieces with a power saw to get through the bone while using a knife to cut through his tissue and she burned him at their home and she burned him in his legs and the muscles around his neck while he was in the bathtub. She put his body pieces into 6 black kitchen trash bags and distributed them on a rural highway road in St. Clair County which I found out was 34 miles away from their home. Ramsay had 400 nanograms per milliliter of Xanax in his system which is 4 times the amount of a normally prescribed dose. She still to this day holds her position that a man entered the home and killed her son while she was supposedly held, hostage which is the story she told on the stand during her trial, her testimony was a total of 90 minutes long – She sobbed hard for a total of two minutes straight once during her testimony and it was during the period when the defense attorney mentioned her late husband. Note she did not tell the police about the man and hostage situation when she called the police and reported him missing. Clearly, she is lying and claims during her sentencing that during the trial the jurors knew about the case and were prejudiced and there were inconsistencies and inaccuracies during her trial (We know she will use this in her appeal).

Oxygen Tv on their Snapped serious talked about the case of Ramsey Scrivo

The sentencing of Donna Scrivo

Read more about this case on the Daily Mail: Woman found guilty of murder and dismemberment of her adult son 

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