The Murder of Ramsay Scrivo and Genghis Khan highlights

Today’s two topics are the drugging, strangling, burning, and dismemberment of Ramsay Scrivo, along with Genghis Khan high-level facts. Listen in to find out who they both could be by listening to our podcast or reading the full show notes at

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.

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3 thoughts on “The Murder of Ramsay Scrivo and Genghis Khan highlights

  1. Ali…. you’ve fallen off the wagon with your swearing this week!
    Interesting subjects…
    Maybe one needs to FIND THE TIME to do the research (Michigan) story… and give us more info … I could look it up myself BUT… I like listening to your podcasts…
    It is pronounced Ram-see. Love you guys


    1. HI SHEILA! Thank you for your comment. We love hearing how our listeners love listening to our podcast! I should have given more information in this podcast so I will take the time now to elaborate for you and our listeners who are visiting our page here.

      When listening to our podcast you can hear how much time and effort Ali puts into this podcast. She spends a large amount of time searching up her topics for the podcast and she relistens to the podcast and creates our detailed show notes each week while running our Facebook page (If you have commented or posted on our Facebook page or our website 99.9% of the time, it is Ali responding). It amazes me how prepared and detailed she is. Then there is me, who usually chooses the topic the night before or the morning of our recording day. This in no way should be interpreted as if I don’t put an effort into our podcast hobby as I also create the continuing conversation post and create our Youtube and releases. The reason I am not as detailed as Ali is for the following reasons:

      I have a son and a dog who for some reason still like to spend time with me, I work at a minimum of 72 hours a week, I attend college where I am working towards my Bachelors in Business Administration with concentrations in Human Resource Management, Business Intelligence, Project Management, and Management and Leadership. Currently, I wake up at 5:00 AM and my head, on a good day, hits my pillow at 1:30AM. So I do have an extra 3 hours I could put in each day to provide more details in my stories but when I have been forced by these things to stay up all night, it makes my hair all frizzy and the bags under my eyes turn so dark it looks like I was beaten up in a dark side street, it scares people so I try to avoid it as much as possible.

      Donna Scrivo my topic for this week did the unforgivable when she failed to nurture and care for her child, and chose to drug, kill, burn, and dismember his body. Donna used a 4 1/2 inch tool to strangle him and dismembered her son in 12 separate pieces with a power saw to get through the bone while using a knife to cut through his tissue and she burned him at their home and she burned him in his legs and the muscles around his neck while he was in the bathtub. She put his body pieces into 6 black kitchen trash bags and distributed them on a rural highway road in St. Clair County which I found out was 34 miles away from their home. Ramsay had 400 nanograms per milliliter of Xanax in his system which is 4 times the amount of a normally prescribed dose. She still to this day holds her position that a man entered the home and killed her son while she was supposedly held, hostage which is the story she told on the stand during her trial, her testimony was a total of 90 minutes long – She sobbed hard for a total of two minutes straight once during her testimony and it was during the period when the defence attorney mentioned her late husband. Note she did not tell the police about the man and hostage situation when she called the police and reported him missing. Clearly, she is lying and claims during her sentencing that during the trial the jurors knew about the case and were prejudiced and there were inconsistencies and inaccuracies during her trial (We know she will use this in her appeal).

      Thank you, Sheila, and to our other listeners for taking time out of your day to listen and support #Michiganandothermayhem We appreciate and enjoy reading your comments and emails – KEEP THEM COMING! Don’t forget to rate and subscribe to our podcast if you haven’t already. Join us on Facebook to get a daily dose of fun facts Ali posts each day!

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