Happy New Year from Michigan and other Mayhem

Here at Michigan and other Mayhem, two non-professional researchers will intrigue you with interesting stories about Michigan murders, mysteries, odd facts, and other mayhem from around the world. Two sisters-in-law will keep you guessing about what our next subject will be as we discuss true crime, paranormal, historical, and scientific topics. Our weekly podcast will keep you entertained and possibly titillated.

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Published by Michigan and other mayhem

Random Michigan and mayhem, you know you want it.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Michigan and other Mayhem

    1. Ali and I have two dogs but those are not our dogs in the picture. Unfortunately, our dogs don’t listen well enough to sit in one spot for a picture, they do what they want when they want. Throughout our podcasts, you can catch my dog making noises and whining in the background. lol. I am glad you subscribed, we have a lot of cool topics planned for 2019!

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