Show Notes: New Year’s Eve and Day murders that welcomed in the year 2018

This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast-talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

Episode 13: New Year’s Eve and Day murders that welcomed in the year 2018

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.


  • Pretend podcast music (because we couldn’t find any we liked enough for a theme song).
  • Ali has a weird laugh. It is often loud.


  • Jenn was going to do a different story.
    • She had heard about a case of a child being killed in a microwave and looked into the case.
    • The first articles she pulled up had conflicting information and that is when she realized it was a different murder altogether.
    • The first woman said she put her baby in the microwave for 2 minutes during a seizure.
    • The second woman put her baby in for 5 minutes because her boyfriend cheated on her.
  • The subject makes Ali’s heart and stomach hurt.
  • It gets worse. It shouldn’t be possible.
    • Jenn told Ali about a baby in a blender.
    • Another woman killed her 2 children in the oven while her 2 or 3-year-old watched.
  • They then talk about refrigerator deaths.
    • You have to remove the fridge door in Michigan when you put it out on the curb.
    • The door forms an airtight seal, suffocating people.
    • Ali once had a babysitter put her in the freezer during hide an seek. Her mom was mad.
  • Death by boiling used to be used to execute people.

Murder of a Sumpter Township 4-year-old girl

  • There was a murder of a 4-year-old girl, Gabrielle Barrett, January 1, 2018, in Sumpter Township Michigan
  • Police were called to the home of Candice Diaz (24 years old), Gabrielle’s mother, and Brad Fields (28 years old), Candice’s boyfriend on New Year’s Day.
    • Candice and Brad share a 1-month old child.
  • Police administered CPR and noticed burns on her body.
  • Gabrielle was pronounced dead at the hospital.
    • Her death was ruled a homicide.
    • Gabrielle had multiple traumatic injuries and evidence of battered child syndrome.
  • Police found Gabrielle’s home environment to be chaotic.
    • Brad was accused of assaulting Candice in 2016, shooting both her dog and him as well.
    • The home was found to be filled with weapons, drug paraphernalia, dog urine and feces, garbage and a taser gun.
  • Candice had been on probation since 2016 for possession of prescription forms and altering a weapon ID marking.
  • Brad had a previous charge from 2006 for carrying a concealed weapon.
  • When police went to pick up Candice and Brad for the murder of Gabrielle, they could not be located.
    • Originally, Candice had gone to the hospital but left when she was pronounced dead.
  • A $5,000 reward was offered for information leading to their arrest.
    • January 9th, 2018, they were found and arrested in Georgia.
  • October 9th, Brad was found guilty of felony murder, 2nd-degree murder, torture, and 1st and 2nd-degree child abuse.
    • He was sentenced to life without parole.
  • In November, Candice pled guilty to homicide in a plea deal, to 2nd-degree murder and 1st-degree child abuse.
  • Timeline of events:
    • Gabrielle is murdered New Year’s Day.
    • The couple is on the run and captured by January 9th.
    • They’re both sentenced by November 2018.
  • Ali worked at a courthouse in high school.


New Year’s Eve Family Murder

  • New Year’s Eve, 2018, 16-year-old Scott Kologi murdered four people, three of them being his family members.
  • The courts are looking to try him as an adult, but, currently, as a 16-year-old, his case is part of the family court.
    • Juvenile courts are usually closed to the press, and this case isn’t being treated differently.
    • The judge has gagged all lawyers associated with the trial, keeping them from talking to those in the media.
    • People in the press did push for access under the state’s Open Public Records Act, looking for 911 calls and police dashcam video, but were denied due to the fact that the case may still move to an adult court.
  • The Kologi’s lived in Long Branch, New Jersey, a town that is part of the Jersey shore.
    • Scott’s parents were Steven who was 42, and his mother, Linda, who was 44 years old.
    • He has three older siblings, Steve Jr., 20, and Brittany, 18, along with another older brother from his father’s previous marriage, who was not at the scene.
  • Scott has autism and a learning disability.
    • He was also homeschooled due to bullying in elementary school.
    • Before the murders, Scott was described as both friendly and funny, someone who liked to tell jokes.
    • Everyone that described Scott said that he was a nice kid and his aggressive actions came out of the blue.
  • Brittany, Scott’s older sister, had come home from her freshman year in college, to spend the holidays with her family.
    • Brittany has attending Stockton University in New Jersey.
  • The night of New Year’s Eve the family was at home with Scott.
    • The Kologi’s had a guest over, 70-year-old Mary Ann Schulz, who was a longtime companion to one of Scott’s grandparents.
      • Mary Ann’s partner, Adrian Kologi, was also in the house.
      • I read two reports that said Mary Ann lived in the house with the Kologi family.
    • Another family acquaintance, who was in her 20’s, was in the house but she is not further identified.
  • Original reports said that on New Year’s Eve, minutes before the ball dropped, Scott came into his family’s living room with an AK-47.
    • The gun was legally registered to Scott’s father, Steven.
    • Scott opened fire, killing both his parents, his sister, and his grandfather’s companion, Mary Ann.
    • Later reports say that not everyone was in the living room and that Scott walked into other rooms, killing his family.
  • Steve Jr. and his grandfather were in the house, along with an unidentified woman, but escaped harm by running out of the house.
  • Mary Ann Schulz, the family friend who was murdered, was a retired woman who had stayed active in her community.
    • She liked being the family historian and acting in the local murder mystery dinner theatre.
    • At her funeral, Mary Ann’s friends and family gave her one last standing ovation as her casket was carried out of the funeral home.
  • It is being speculated that the Kologi family was struggling financially.
    • Steven Sr. had filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after losing his job at the post office, where he had been working for a decade.
    • Recently he had been working as a trucker.
    • Steve Jr. did mention after his parent’s death that he always had food to eat, a roof over his head and that his parents always tried to provide to their children on the holidays.
    • It has been hypothesized that the ongoing financial strain wore on the family and affected Scott’s mental health.
  • Ali is really curious about the case and wants to follow up once there is more information.
    • She was almost on a jury in a juvenile court.
  • As single parents, Jenn and Ali often slept through the ringing of the New Year.

Facts about New Year’s Eve and Day:

  • The first ball dropped at One Times Square in 1907.
  • New York’s Time Square drops 2,000 pounds of confetti at midnight, to bring the year in.
    • Jenn is concerned for the people who have to clean it up.
    • The people in Time Square often wear diapers due to the lack of toilet facilities.
  • Since medieval times, it has been good luck in Italy to wear red underwear on New Year’s Day.
  • Fireworks and noisemakers are part of the New Year tradition as a way to scare away evil spirits so the new year can get a clean start.
  • The insurance company AAA, on New Year’s Eve, will tow your car for you and give you a ride home for free, in order to reduce drunk driving incidents.
  • No Space Shuttle flew on New Year’s Day or Eve until 2006, because the computers couldn’t handle the rollover of the year.
  • A female suicide bomber in Russia, in 2010, planned a terrorist attack in Moscow on New Year’s Eve. Her phone was supposed to detonate when she received a text from her co-conspirators.  Unfortunately for her, she received a spam text from her cell provider wishing her a happy new year, triggering the phone and killing her in the explosion.

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