Show Notes: Jeepers Creepers and Something Michigan Doesn’t Have

This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast-talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

Episode 9: Jeepers Creepers and Bones in Michigan

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.


  • Pretend podcast music (because we couldn’t find any we liked enough for a theme song). Ali tried to skip it but Jenn was having none of that mess.
  • Ali has a weird laugh. It is often loud.

Jeepers Creepers Connection

  • Murder of Marilyn Depue in 1990, in Coldwater, MI which inspired the opening scene of the movie Jeepers Creepers
  • Jenn, not being a horror fan, did not watch the movie, but did try to watch it. Too scary.
    • Ali has seen all three movies in the franchise. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is too scary for Ali.
  • A couple is driving through the countryside when a large van speeds past them.
    • They later pass the van while it sits outside a schoolhouse.
    • The couple see a man dumping a bloody sheet.
    • The next time they see the van, it is behind them on the road. The van begins tailgating them.
    • They decide to pull over on to the side of the door and the van pulls over also.
    • The couple see the driver is out of the van and changing this license plate.
    • The van door was open, and they could see blood inside the van’s interior.
    • The couple drove back to the school to verify it was a bloody sheet that they saw, then drove to contact the police (no cellphones for them in 1990).
  • The van was owned by Dennis Depue, Marilyn’s ex-husband.
    • They had been married for 18 years, but Marilyn had initiated a divorce and left him.
    • Dennis received limited contact with his children for the divorce.
    • Even though Marilyn had changed the locks on her new home, Dennis would break in and wait for her to get home.
  • Easter Sunday, Dennis tried to pick up his kids from Marilyn’s house but his youngest refused to leave with him.
    • Dennis then starts a fight with Marilyn and pushes her down the basement steps.
    • He then went down to the basement and held her up, walking her out of the house.
    • Dennis told his kids he was going to take her to the hospital.
    • His kids knew what was up and one of them went to a neighbor’s house to call the police.
    • They never arrived at the hospital. (No surprise there.)
    • Marilyn’s body was found on a deserted road, shot in the head.
  • Dennis is on the run, sending letters to friends and coworkers, defending his actions.
    • He believed he had been treated unfairly and that he was too old to move on after breaking up with Marilyn. (as if that is a good reason to kill someone)
    • It would be totally creepy to receive a letter from a murderer.
  • Dennis relocated to Dallas, Texas.
    • He has a new girlfriend. (So much for not being able to move on.)
    • His alias is Frank Queen.
  • The story of Marilyn’s murder was aired on Unsolved Mysteries: Click here for video
    • Shortly before the show came on, Dennis told his girlfriend that his mother was ill and he had to make an emergency trip.
    • Dennis kept her busy in the kitchen, making him food for the trip, so she wouldn’t see the show.
      • This bothered Jenn. Why didn’t he just turn the TV off?
    • Unfortunately for Dennis, a friend of theirs had seen the show and called the police and gave them Dennis’s license plate number.
    • Dennis lead police in a high-speed chase before shooting out one of his tires.
    • Dennis then took three shots at the police, and then shot himself.
  • A listener, Scott, informed Jenn that the director of Jeepers Creepers was a convicted child molester. The assault occurred during a film, possibly. He served time for hit.

Bones That Ali Could Not Find

  • No dinosaur bones are in Michigan. Ali spent hours looking.
  • This is because of sediments being eroded away by natural forces during the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs roamed.
    • The bones didn’t have a chance to fossilize.
    • There were little to no sedimentary deposits in the state for a long interval spanning from eras before and after the Mesozoic era
  • MI once (hundreds of millions of years ago) covered by a shallow ocean.
    • The Michigan state stone is the Petoskey, which is made of fossilized corals.
    • When the seas retreated, the land was a desert with fossilized remains, and salt deposits.
  • The shallow ocean and its evaporation is where Michigan gets its abundance of limestone and salt mines.
    • Largest limestone quarry in the world, Rogers City, MI
    • Limestone rocks are what creates the rapids in Grand Rapids, MI.
    • There are large salt mines in MI, including under Detroit.
    • You used to be able to tour the mines, but I couldn’t find a current tour. I did find some cool Detroit History Tours I would like to take.
  • Michigan’s mitten shape was formed by glaciers approximately 2 million – 12,000 years ago
    • The glaciers advancement and retreat over thousands of years created the Great Lakes we are surrounded by.
    • MI was under ice when mammoths were around. By the time mammoths were on the scene here, they were being out-competed mastodons, making mammoth bones in MI rare
    • However, Sept. 2015 an extensive set of mammoth bones were found in a lima bean field in Chelsea, MI.
  • For this portion, I had to look up the difference between mastodons and mammoths
    • They’re both giants that look like hairy elephants with giant tusks, but are two different animal genera (plural of genus)
    • Just looking at pictures with my untrained eye: The woolly mammoth is a bigger, shaggier version of the mastodon
  • The official state fossil of Michigan is the American Mastodon.
    • Mastodons went extinct 11,000 years ago.
    • There are 1-3 discoveries a year of Mastodon bones in MI.
  • Lake sturgeon, largest fish in the great lakes, have been around for the last 136 million years-dinosaur time.
    • Jenn had never heard of sturgeon. (My dad is a fisherman. I knew.)  Ali will not eat sturgeon.
    • It is Michigan’s evolutional answer to the alligator.
    • Females can live up to 150 years old and both sexes can grow over 6 feet long.
    • The biggest recorded sturgeon weighed 300 lbs. and was 8 feet long.
    • They are harmless bottom feeders, so no threat there.
    • Sturgeon don’t have scales, but long plates. They look like sleek, gray, torpedoes.
    • They are considered a threatened species, so their fishing season is tightly regulated. They are making a successful come back.
  • Despite no dinosaur bones being found in Michigan, we do have a Dinosaur Garden in Ossineke (awe-sin-a-key), MI
    • Cement reproductions of over 25 prehistoric birds and dinosaurs on 40 acres.
    • Gift shop and snack bar. The food is what is making both women want to visit.

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3 thoughts on “Show Notes: Jeepers Creepers and Something Michigan Doesn’t Have

  1. I enjoyed this weeks podcast (and last weeks too..) thanks – keep the fake podcast music… until you find an acceptable choice…


    1. Thank you @SheilaYork I love our fake podcast music. I think it fits us well! We are glad you are enjoying listening to our podcast. Make sure you check out our continuing the conversation after each episode, it gives you more information on the stories we talk about.


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