Show Notes: Tyler Hardy, Missing Child and Lydia Thompson Murder 1945

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This show, “Michigan and other Mayhem”, is a sort of factual, slightly comical, always earnest podcast about interesting stuff in Michigan and around the world. It is done by two sisters-in-law (Ali and Jenn) that like to talk about random interesting stories.  Expect cults, mysteries, murder, fast-talking, and a couple of mental palate cleansers… and cuss words.  Those happen on this show, a lot.

Episode 6: Tyler Hardy, Missing Child and Lydia Thompson Murder 1945

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.


  • Pretend podcast music (because we couldn’t find any we liked enough for a theme song)
  • Ali has a weird laugh. It is often loud.
  • We hypothesize a lot in this one.

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  • Tyler Hardy, Missing Child
    • This story aired on Reported Missing on BBC One
      • The show kept a man’s last name secret, just calling him John, so we’ll call him John Appleseed so he can have the last name
    • Background: John Appleseed and Tanya Hardy had been dating in England
      • He breaks up with her by texting
      • Afterwards, she meets up with him to tell him that she is pregnant
      • She lets him touch her pregnant belly
      • Shortly after the birth, when the baby is about 10 weeks, she begins to bring Tyler around on weekends and John becomes really attached to his son
    • In 2017, John Appleseed calls to report his son missing
      • He states his son is missing, he’s 5 years old, his name is Tyler and he hasn’t seen him in two years
      • John’s ex has been withholding custody and his solicitors suggested that at this stage he should call the police
        • He’s already spent money fighting for custody and on child maintenance (child support)
        • But recently John wasn’t even able to find Tanya to contact her
    • The police find and contact his ex, Tanya Hardy
      • She says she does not have a 5-year-old son
        • She has never heard of John or Tyler
        • Later she admits to knowing John but said he is making up the existence of the son, Tyler
        • She insists she has only given birth once, and her daughter is 16
      • The cops are starting to think John is delusional
        • There is no record of Tyler in the country’s social services
        • Tanya Hardy’s neighbors never saw a small boy going in and out of the house
          • There is no evidence in Tanya’s house of a little boy living there, no clothes, shoes, etc.
      • John shows them photos of him with his son Tyler, and Tanya in the snapshot
        • The cops begin to think that maybe the child exists but was possibly murdered or abandoned
    • Then the police are able to track down Tanya’s 16-year-old daughter
      • They show her a picture of Tyler and the 16-year-old daughter says…. Are you ready?
      • That the boy in the picture is a family friend’s child that her mom used to babysit
      • Her mother, Tanya, had been lying the whole time
        • She wasn’t pregnant
        • The little boy was someone she was babysitting for
    •  Tanya said she lied about Tyler being John’s for revenge for John dumping her via text
      • At the time he broke up with her, Tanya thought she was pregnant
      • She said that later she realized she wasn’t pregnant but kept going with the lie
      • Tanya admitting to wanting his support money and that it started as a petty lie and grew out of control
      • She could have handled the lie a million different ways that did not include letting a man spend years believing he was a father when he was not
    • John was devastated to find out he isn’t a father, emotionally devastated
      • John has kept a bottle he used to feed his son and the boy’s first pair of shoes
      • He did write a letter to the real parents, with his phone number so they could contact him if they wanted
    • Tanya pled guilty to fraud and perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to two years in prison
      • She said she is remorseful that she hurt him, and she is glad that the whole lie is finally over
    • Once, when the boy was older and visiting John, around age three, he mentioned his real name, and it was not Tyler
      • My guess (Ali’s guess) is that is when Tanya stopped taking him for visits
      • Once he was verbal, he would be able to call her out on her lies
    • Tyler’s real mom was torn up by the letter John wrote. Sad face
      • Ali doesn’t know if John ever got to see him again

  • Lydia Thompson Murder 1945
    • Moved from Turkey to America with her husband Louis, but was originally from Russia
      • They moved to Orchard Lake, MI
      • Louis and Lydia owned a car dealership and laundromat
        • They had money
    • Lydia found out her husband was having an affair with his secretary, Helen
      • She kicked him out
      • They went back and forth with reconciliation, but he wouldn’t stop seeing Helen
      • Louis asked Lydia for a divorce
        • She refused
  • By 1945
    • Lydia had multiple private detectives following Louis
    • She went full stalker
    • One night he was in a club with a non-sex-involved female friend
      • Lydia threw acid on them burning their faces and legs
        • Where does one get acid vials to throw on people? How is this a thing?
        • How did Lydia not go to jail?
    • Louis moved to Miami to vacation with… yes, you guessed it! Helen, the secretary
      • Lydia followed, telling she would haunt her from now and into the afterlife
      • Louis came back to Michigan and moved out of the house he shared with Lydia
      • Lydia threatened a whole bunch of stuff, including suicide AND bought a gun
    • Lydia was stalking Louis while simultaneously telling people that she thought she was being stalked
      • She believed her life was in danger
    • Unfortunately, her headless body was found in October 1945
      • It was in a marsh in Pontiac, MI
      • She had beaten and stabbed with an ice pick
      • The cops believe the marsh was the dump site
    • When the police go back to Lydia’s house, they find a note she had written
      • It said her husband probably killed her if no one hears from her
      • She then willed all her possessions to her father
      • Two weeks later, her father leaves Detroit
        • He doesn’t say where he’s going, only that it is somewhere more pleasant
        • He’s never seen again
      • Shortly after Lydia’s dad moves, a telegraph from Lydia’s sister said their father had been dead for years
      • Ali had several crackpot hypotheses about who the dad is
        • Jenn has a theory that the telegraph could be a fake
      • The father ghosted everyone while in possession of the inheritance
    • Helen and Louis had alibi’s and passed a lie detector test
      • They had lie detector’s in 1945? The girls are surprised; however, it was invented in 1921
    • 1947
      • A woman came forward and said Louis paid her boyfriend $10,000 to kill Lydia
      • Both men were arrested but quickly released because of PLOT TWIST!
        • The boyfriend made the story up because he was married, and he wanted to scare his girlfriend so she wouldn’t tell his wife on him
        • Affairs everywhere in 1940’s Detroit
    • Louis claims Lydia paid to have herself killed so he would go to jail
      • Helen and Louis married and had kids
      • No one was ever charged with the murder
    • The women discuss what they might do if they needed to be murdered
      • Crazy ass hypotheses

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