Wendigo, Eben Ice Caves, Hell Bridge Urban Legend

Piddily podcasts are our mini-filler podcasts.  These will include things like corrections, fan base contact shout outs, confessions, and short stories.  These won’t be scheduled, they’ll just be pleasant surprises when they arrive in your podcast queue.

Today we have…

Piddily Episode 2: Wendigo, Eben Ice Caves, Hell Bridge Urban Legend”

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Warning: This podcast occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children.

Wendigo as told by Caucasians. 

There are 12 Native American Tribes in Michigan.

  • The Algonquian/Chippewa are in the Great Lakes state and they have the legend of Wendigo
    • Wendigo is an evil man-eating giant
    • A human who has been possessed by an evil spirit
      • The wendigo is a single entity, but it can affect multiple people at one time
    • An evil spirit that can assume a human form
  • When the demon Wendigo does assume a physical form it looks emaciated, with a stag skull head and sunken eyes
    • It smells like death and corruption
    • It looks like it is constantly decaying
    • About 15 feet tall, fast, and it has heightened senses (not sentences)and endurance
    • Immune to even the harshest climates
    • Mimic human voices, and will use the sounds to lure people to it
      • Demons sounding like humans is Al’s nightmare
    • If you don’t feel like your nightmares aren’t interesting enough, look up images of the Wendigo
    • ONE ORIGIN STORY: The Wendigo was once a lost hunter who resorted to cannibalism during a brutal winter
      • After consuming the flesh, he turned into a crazed monster who began roaming the forest. He’s searching for more people to eat because his hunger is never satisfied
      • His punishment for eating human flesh was an insatiable hunger
      • The Wendigo is the boogeyman of native people
      • Should you commit the sins of selfishness, gluttony or cannibalism, you could be turned into a Wendigo as punishment or possessed by it
      • You’ll suffer cannibalistic urges that will never be sated
      • Meant to remind children to think of the community and not be selfish

Eben Ice Caves, in the Upper Peninsula

  • Jason Asselin, has a Youtube channel and he filmed the Eben Ice Cave
    • North of Eben Junction, by Hiawatha
    • The caves are formed by groundwater that freezes
    • It is a one-mile hike just to get to it, with the proper gear
    • Ice Caves: Eben Ice Caves by Jason Asselin
  • Mackinac (mack-in-aew) Bridge that spans the Lower and Upper Peninsula terrifies Jenn.
    • Jeff Daniel mispronounced it, per Ali
    • Jenn will need a lot of bathroom breaks to make it to the UP

Michigan: Hell’s Bridge

  • Urban legend that’s fun to tell in a grim way
    • Note that there is a prominent family that lives in the area with the name of Friske, there is a road of the same name by the bridge, but Elias Friske, the murderer in this story is not a real person. There is no record of a Friske with that name.
  • There is a narrow metal bridge footbridge in Rockford, MI
    • Crosses over the Rouge River in the middle of the woods
    • It replaced a stone bridge that was once the sight of a slaughter
  • Here’s the tale:
    • During the 1800’s, some children in the area began to disappear
    • Worried townspeople decided to organize search parties to check out the wooded areas
    • The asked kindly old Elias Friske to watch over the children
      • He told the children that he didn’t want to lose any of them, so he tied them together before going for a walk
      • He then walked them out into the woods, towards the river
    • When the children reached the bridge, they noticed a horrible smell
      • That’s when Elias uncovered a few shallow graves, showing the kids the bodies of their missing friends
      • The children were bound together so it was too hard for them to run away
      • No one heard their cries for help because no one was searching in that area
    • He killed them one by one, throwing their bodies into the river after death
    • By now the parents had noticed the missing children and began to search the area by the river
    • They found their children’s bodies floating in the river and there were footsteps leading deeper into the woods
      • When they made it to Friske, he was covered in blood
      • He was babbling, telling everyone that a demon made him do it
    • The parents used the rope that Elias had used to tie up the children, to hang Elias from the bridge
      • Once he was dead the river’s water swelled up, snapping the rope and pulling the body away
      • He body was never seen again
    • The bridge is real. The story is an urban legend.
      • The current bridge looks like a long, flat, metal grate. About 2 feet wide.  It has no handrails
      • The legend still stands that if you stay in the middle of the bridge at midnight, you may hear children laughing, screaming, or crying
        • The sound of footsteps crossing the bridge have been reported
        • A ghost with red, glowing eyes can be seen in the area
      • The Bridge: Click Here hellsBridge

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