One Piddly Podcast (a teaser)

Piddly podcasts are our mini-filler podcasts.  These will include things like corrections, fan base contact shout outs, confessions, and short stories.  These won’t be scheduled, they’ll just be pleasant surprises when they arrive in your podcast queue.

Piddly Podcast Episode 1: True Confession, Fan Shout Out, and the J.W. Westcott Co.

Click below to listen to this episode.

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Today we have…

True Confessions with Ali and a short story about an interesting Detroit feature with Jenn.

For my 1st True Confession I would like to say we were struggling with our podcast arrangement, as far as order, and just before launch, we weren’t sure the first one will populate as number one.  It may come out titled as number five.  That’s part of our personal mayhem.

First Fan shout out to Val!  She gave a link to her book review of The Kill Jar: Obsession, Descent, and a Hunt for Detroit’s Most Notorious Serial Killer about the serial killer known as the Oakland County Child Killer.  The link to her review will be provided in the show notes: Click Here for Book Review

I will also be going over that serial killer in a future podcast.  This one is going to take me a little time to gather information on.  I start getting sensitive when kids are involved.  However, the story does need to be told.  Thanks for the tip, Val!  Listen to future podcasts and you’ll hear me talk about it.

Should there be someone out there with information on any type of mystery, murder, or some cool random fact, please contact us.  I am so interested in what other people know.

Jenn’s take on the J.W. Westcott Co. Mail Boat delivery.

The Westcott mail boat pulls up to other moving boats and delivers mail.  Neither boat stops.  The receiving boat may drop a bucket down and mail is placed in, to be pulled back up.  A panel could be removed from the side of a large freighter, and supplies passed to men inside.  The mail boat even picks up men disembarking from their ship.

Mailboat with panel opening:  Click Here for Video

Crewmates can order packages online, and have it delivered to the mail boat.  The mail boat will then deliver it to the ship as it passes through Detroit.

The boat became the first floating zip code at 48222.

In 1995, the mail service celebrated 100 years of service.

In 2001, the mail boat did sink, killing a captain and a crew member.  The boat was salvaged and used again.  (I believe it bad luck.  That is a bad idea.) The boat had been caught in the tow of a larger ship.

Through rain, sleet, snow, or hail, your mail will be delivered.

Mailboat with choppy water: Click Here for Video

There is another mail service in which people jump off a moving boat and on to a deck.  The mail boat they jumped off continues moving as they deliver the mail and jump back on.

Mail jumpers: Click Here for Video

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6 thoughts on “One Piddly Podcast (a teaser)

      1. Ali, it is my pleasure as a member of your extended family (cousin) to support you and your sister-in-law(?). You two sound really good on the podcast. I am going to set one up too…have been thinking about it the last couple of months.


      2. I can give you a few tips! Oh my gosh, does it get complicated. Jenn is the brains behind it all. She should probably do a podcast with tips for others. It is a simple idea that I’ve found was more complicated once you do it. I support you in all your efforts. Let me know if you need help.


  1. We are excited to share our Piddly Podcast with you today. Did you find the information on the J.W. Westcott Co. Mail Boat delivery interesting? This one was an interesting find for us here at #Michiganandothermayhem We never knew this company or service existed on the Detroit River until we stumbled upon the videos on YouTube.


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