Welcome to Michigan and other Mayhem


Random Michigan and other mayhem. You know you want it!

Are you from the State of Michigan? Have you heard of the State of Michigan? Here at Michigan and other Mayhem, two non-professional researchers will intrigue you with interesting stories about Michigan murders, mysteries, odd facts, and other mayhem from around the world. Two sisters-in-law will keep you guessing about what our next subject will be as we discuss true crime, paranormal, historical, and scientific topics. Our weekly podcast will keep you entertained and possibly titillated.

First episode release date: Friday, October 5, 2018

Published by Michigan and other mayhem

Random Michigan and mayhem, you know you want it.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Michigan and other Mayhem

  1. Too cool! I’m a Michigander too with a non-fiction book blog (mostly true crime) and I read that book about the hunters too! I’m excited about this. I was born in Owosso and grew up in Holly, Michigan, though I haven’t been back in over 25 years, and I’m super homesick. There was a jogger killed in Holly over a year ago, and the case is still unsolved, you could follow that case. She was shot. A nurse.


    1. Holly Michigan is just about an hour outside of where we are located, we travel there often. I am going to definitely check out your site. I am a big fan of true crime books! We just recorded the podcast episode about the missing hunters and I mention the book. Did you write a book review on the book? If so I would love a link to check out your review and if you are willing, we would love to put a link in our episodes show notes to your review of the book.

      Thank you for the story lead! This is the first I am hearing about the jogger story, sounds interesting, we will add this one to our list. We are glad you found us and hope you enjoy our podcast!



  2. Nice going guys! Ask me about the 2 hunters from downstate who went hunting up north- were killed and fed to hogs… true story… I read the book.., convicted 30 years later… don’t forget about the school board member blew up a whole school with students and staff, in Bath Michigan

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